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The Ten Spot

Posted by Catherine / Posted on November 29, 2009

The Ten SpotThe Ten Spot's look is a little bit NYC and de铿乶itely urban. All surfaces are sleek, re铿俥ctive, immaculate, loft-like and/or industrial. The Ten Spot is brightly lit, and the lighting is all 铿俛ttering. Every detail has been thought through in this space.
20100201_10Spot-interior.jpgWomen who come to The Ten Spot come to The Ten Spot a lot. This isn始t the 驶once a year birthday pampering始 place (though they do that too), it始s the wing of your house/apartment that you don始t have, for "regular maintenance". The grooming wing. Sleek and stocked with meticulously tidy and prettily packaged products.
20100201_10Spot-products.jpgMY TREATMENT: FACIAL

The Ten Spot boasts the city始s only "facial bar". The concept being that facials are a bit frumpy and fussy, and why couldn始t they be more like just-pop-in-and-get-it-done pedicures. The facial bar is on The Ten Spot's 2nd 铿俹or, which is painted all black, and is decorated like your cool big sister始s attic apartment.
20100201_10Spot-facialbar.jpgKate Nash sings about "The Nicest Thing" while the the aesthetician slash diagnostician discusses your skin with you -- making the experience a bit more clinical than average (though not in a bad way).

My aesthetician, quite rightly, let me know that I have sensitive skin -- and, as she has the same, commiserated that means we can始t use any of the more satisfyingly aggressive scrubs and peels. It始s all about "gentle" and "calming" and "soothing". (Skin doesn始t seem to care if it 驶goes with始 your personality).

The Ten Spot始s facial bar is exclusively stocked by Dermalogica. On The Ten Spot始s website they say they "proudly use Dermalogica". And it始s true -- they really, really are proud of this. As each product is used during the treatment, its full Dermalogica name is provided.

Now, spa products have to come from somewhere, fair enough. But the presence of the Dermalogica brand in the facial feels a little too close to the foreground. Sealed by the Dermalogica facial analysis sheet provided at the facial始s end (complete with tick boxes beside recommended Dermalogica products). This will be kept on 铿乴e for your future reference (if you lose your copy).

The facial is well executed (no creams up the nose) and ef铿乧ient (45mins), and always includes a massage. We leave feeling relaxed, and our faces feeling extremely soft and hydrated.

There is the usual walkthrough of the 驶products we used today始 on your way out, though the pressure to buy is not too bad. The experience closes with a stamp on our Buy 10 Get 1 free cards, and a complimentary The Ten Spot lip butter balm.

Tip: the "Pomegranate Punch" 铿俛vour is just like cherry chapstick. Mmmmm tastes like Grade 5....
20100201_10Spot-havaianas.jpgTHE OWNER

Kristen Gale (check out her blog "Dating Myself")


  • Waxing (Brazilian): $55
  • Waxing (Bikini Brief): $25
  • Waxing (Full Leg): $55
  • Manicure: $30 | 35min
  • Pedicure: $50 | 50min
  • Facial: $65 | 45min


Brazilian Wax


"Our 3 person Facial Bar is the 铿乺st and only one in the city. You can come with a friend or saddle up next to a stranger and get the best, no nonsense, expert care full facial -- for just $65 bucks."


Dermalogica and Exuberance, a vegan line of face care products.


"The Ten Spot, Ten Club Card': Get 9 of the same service, and receive the 10th one totally free. Card is valid for: manicures, pedicures, Brazilians and facials.


Free WiFi, and pleasantly distracting television in all spa service rooms and the mani+pedi area.



KT / December 12, 2009 at 01:40 pm
I just started going to Ten Spot for my monthly waxing ritual. Wonderful place! They do a great braziilian wax. Very thorough job, and fast too. There's nothing worse than sitting through a long drawn out waxing session in the nether-regions! And really nice staff who make you feel at home.

Ten Spot also sells Sparitual, my favourite vegan nail polish. I great beauty spot for vegans or the more health conscious beauty consumer.
Breanne / December 21, 2009 at 02:17 pm
I second what KT said! I was at there other location, on Queen east, and i didn't get waxed but I had a pedicure with this hilarious chick..... cant remember her name but I had alot of fun. They had the exact polish I wanted, but not a huge selection so maybe they could add more?

I liked the space, it's pretty different from places I have been before...... I didn't see it at first, but it's down a cute little allyway thing so you just have to look!
Cheapgurl / January 19, 2010 at 08:28 pm
I was a waxing virgin when I booked my first ever wax job at the Ten Spot. I booked a brazilian and had a wonderful experience. Lisa H was my aesthetician and she's fabulous. I highly recommend this place.
g-rock / April 3, 2010 at 04:00 pm
I regularly go to the 10spot (both locations) for my brazilian waxes. They do an absolutely phenomenal job. I couldn't recommend them enough for the waxing services.

I ventured out and once had a mani-pedi with them, and I wasn't as happy. They didn't seem to really do a thorough job for the price you pay.

But for the brazilian waxes, they absolutely cannot be beat!
DR / October 21, 2012 at 03:03 pm
I've been to a ton of different salons for bikini waxes depending on what hood I'm living in. Most recently it was Forest Hill and although the spa looked professional the aesthetician was horrific: it took her an hour to do a brazilian and it killed! I checked out the 10 Spot at Queen W yesterday for a Brazilian and I got Marjiana and she was brilliant, incredibly calm, quick, thorough. 15 minutes later she was done and it was the best Brazilian I've ever had. I'll be back. Forever!
lee / December 21, 2012 at 10:23 am
I have been to the t\Ten spot a few times, its very trashy and dirty as hell. I once went when thins were under construction and to use the washroom i had to walk down very dangerous stairs which led to a beyond horrific basement with and awful smelling washroom! no joke it smelled like something was dead behind the walls! gross gross some staff were pleasant some not so much. my brazillian its self was good. PARKING is not possible i spent 30 mins driving around looking for somwhere to park! boo
Krista / August 29, 2013 at 10:25 pm
I went to the Ten Spot at the Leslieville location yesterday for one of their services. What surprised me at first was the arrogant attitude of the staff but I brushed it off. After my waxing, I asked if there was someone available to do my face including uppper lip. I was told no, but could I come back tomorrow. I was told the total price was $12 which is normal. I arrived today for my waxing and told the woman I was here for face including upper lip. When I went to the reception to pay, I was told that I was only booked for a face waxing and since I asked for upper lip that was considered a 2nd service and I was charged double. I tried to reason with the receptionist and her only solution was that I call the manager who was on holiday. Not her, but me. It was unbelievable. As though I would lie about something like that. Plus the face waxing includes the upper lip. She charged my an extra $12 because it didn't say upper lip in their schedule. She wouldn't let it go. I finally said that I would pay the whole bill just to end the conversation but that I was never coming back. The receptionist didn't care. Total idiot. The place is dead and I'm certainly not going to send any of my friends there. Rude, arrogant and overly priced for what you get.
Bashir Abdi / October 18, 2013 at 03:02 pm
My name is Bashir Abdi and I am the creator of Reveal natural skin care line. I was hoping that you would allow me the pleasure of giving your spa a complementary sample and demonstration of the product. My ultimate wish is that Reveal can help people with uneven blotchy acne prone skin types as it has helped me. That's literally how I came up with it via trial and error.


Bashir Abdi.
Marilyn / August 4, 2014 at 11:40 am
I cannot imagine getting a Brazilian done anywhere else. Professional service, considerate ( Yes, please keep checking with me re: the wax temperature on my skin) and no annoying spa music.
Heather / March 6, 2015 at 10:20 am
I was roped in for its marketing, they do a great job at making the salon look swank with great music and the appearance of cleanliness, however, I will never go there again!

Although, I don't mind paying more good services, my mani/pedi were anything but special. They were actually less great than I had expected.

First, the pedi has only lasted a week and half and there is some kind of fungus on my feet! The massage was...wait there wasn't one and the water was scolding hot!

When moved to the table to have my mani done, the floor was freezing so the bottom of my feet were frigid. The girl doing my mani did not engage in any conversation and was just as cold as my feet. Talking to her was like pulling teeth. Painful!

I asked for my nails to be cut as I don't like long nails on myself. I was given some attitude. Letting that slide, and trying for some conversation, I tried to make the most out of already less than fabulous experience.

When she had finished my nails, my left hand looked great, by my right hand did not appear to have a top coat. When pointing this out to the girl, she told me I had wiped cream on my hand. Confused, I tried to wipe the "cream" off. Still matte, I asked her if she could wipe the "cream" off. Noticing that there clearly was no top coat I pointed this out again. The girl then told me she had put the top coat on. This was when I was utterly frustrated. If you looked at my hand - there was not denying that no top coat had been put on. The service was a gel mani and the nails were not shiny like my other hand. She made me feel like I was lying - yet the evidence was right there! With more attitude she had me stand while she (finally) put the top coat on.

The ten spot looks awesome. There is no doubt there marketing team has done an extremely good job. The establishment though she take head, the customer service is terrible, the services are sub par and the music that I thought was so great - not. the last time I listened to that much brittney spears and the S club was when I was 10 years ago.

If you want to a good mani/pedi, I reccommed not going to the ten spot and keeping to your less expensive venues.

Never going back to the Ten Spot and never going to reccommend that anyone else does either.

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