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Chosen Vintage

Posted by Robyn Urback / Posted on October 26, 2011

Chosen TorontoChosen, says owner Melissa Ball, is very much in a Clueless stage. Picture Alicia Silverstone in a slinky stretch maxi and Stacey Dash by her side in chunky heels and brimmed hat. That's the sort of thing you'll find here at Chosen vintage, now in its own space above Ruins on West Queen West.

Chosen TorontoOnce sandwiched between Silver Falls and LAB Consignment in a shared space on lower Ossington, Melissa was looking for an independent place to move her shop and lucked upon this second-floor spot.

Chosen Toronto"I'm friends with Mikey and Josh from Ruins," she tells me as begins to walk me through the renovation. "And they told me about this space; actually, it was available exactly one month after my planned leave from Silver Falls."

Chosen TorontoMelissa had to do a bit of an overhaul--building walls, removing tile glue, patching up spots and so forth--but she now has a lofty-feeling somewhat secluded West Queen West spot to show off her hand-picked women's and men's vintage duds.

"I sort of like the fact that I'm not at street level," she says as we look of the bay front window, framed with exposed brick. "We're kind of a haven in that way--sort of a hidden gem."

Chosen TorontoThe treasures to be found at Chosen are mostly of '80s or '90s make; those Melissa calls "vintage basics" that play off trends without being confined by them. A cranberry red wool cape is one example, priced at $200 (the top end of anything you'll find at Chosen), with glam brass-coloured clasps. That and a printed silk wrap dress ($72) are just a couple of pieces that seem to coast along with what's in style.

Chosen TorontoWhile the clothes and accessories at Chosen are constantly being updated and changing, Melissa says she's paying greater heed to getting in new stuff for the guys. Of the pieces already on the floor at Chosen, a few vintage tuxedo jackets stick out, particularly one probably of 1930's make with textured lapels and original seams on the pockets. At $80, it's certainly a steal if it happens to be the right size.

Chosen TorontoAs I explore the shop I come across more Clueless nods including a pair of platform Hush Puppies ($60), velvet green buckled booties ($35), and a velvet burnout blouse ($42) that looks grabbed right from the set. Melissa acknowledges that some of the '90s pieces might be a bit too soon for some, but I'm sure if you asked Alicia, she'd say they were "way cool."

Chosen TorontoChosen TorontoPhotos by Jesse Milns



jams / October 29, 2011 at 06:51 pm
looks amazing!can't wait to check it out!
stylistafashionista / November 26, 2011 at 09:38 am
By far one of the BEST vintage stores around. The selection is amazing, prices are more than fair and the owner is a sweetheart!
Saleem Mithani / February 8, 2015 at 10:30 pm
I want to sell used cloths ,as if it were new

Saleem Mithani / February 9, 2015 at 07:34 am
My anticipated future customer Good Morning. I sell and do not buy! I am a jobber ie. wholesaler.

Do you buy man leather jacket @$20.00 and woolen coat for man @$10.00 on regular basis? I do have ladies jacket as well. Very springy used, as if new. Cleaned! 100% checked and totally as if they are new!
If yes, I can ship you, guaranteed to sell much higher price, 200% to 300% higher.
Once you try, you will constantly receive after your order.
I will, on your confirmation only,send first shipment of 33 or so pieces to weight under 25 kgs. in order to qualify/get corporate Fedex rates.$165.00 on collect you pay at your end.
An approximate anticipated Invoice may be as follow.
Leather jacket $ 20 x17= $340
Woolen Coat $ 10 x16=$160
Total. 33= $500 more or less $500
You have to pay $100 next day you pick the parcel, balance $400 by first following Monday.
Example if you received parcel on any day between Monday-Friday , you pay $100 next day of parcel, and balance $400 on Monday. Should you miss payment on due date you will have to pay $10 extra per day.
Should you agree on this business policy, and want to confirm to send you first parcel,please provide me your full name,age,full home address1 time and confirm 2nd time
Your business name, full address 1 time and confirm 2nd time.
Your ph. Number 1 time and confirm 2nd time
Your two relatives names,age,relation,address,telephone,email address. (Twice each of them)
We do not need your credit card nor your any other information.
Please email to know we can be helpful each other.
Saleem Mithani
Naz boutique.

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