The SEX Offensive: Emancipating Gender

"The Sex Offensive", is a mashup of art and performance celebrating the emancipation of gender and rallying the troops to fight the good fight. Be loud. Be proud. Provoke, perturb and persuade; the best defensive is a good offensive! Be the offensive.

Featuring works by:

Jessica Caissie, Nicole Cooper, Spike Dennis, Daniel Dyment, Daniel Ferrell, Beau Gomez, David Griffin, Philip Hare, Christopher Hayes, Maria Teresa Hernandez, Holy Jackal, Sybil Lamb, Mariam Magsi, Julius Poncelet Manapul, Duncan McLaren, Joseph Medaglia, Karina Mitchell/Misprint Thursday, Joseph Muscat, Erin Finley & Heather Saunders, Walter Segel.