I create. I destroy. I enjoy. I control. I win. I know. So many moments in our day are actualized variations of these statements. We wake up, work, eat, sleep. With all those little moments infiltrating our whole day, and thereby rendering us as just a herd in the pack. But who wants to be that? Not me! So how does one break free from the slow, redundant, and boring monotony of cookie-cutter consciousness and actually take to the "free light and spirit" as described in the ancient yoga texts? Indeed, the answer is simple: Be a yogi. The true yogi - the Bhakti Yogi - is the ideal rebel without a cause - a material cause. When we have no attachments to the mundane, it is very easy to transform our lifestyle and life culture into the supramundane - or spiritual. The Bhakti Yogi lives not on society's terms, but rather treads the transcendental path only trekked by the most wonderful, pleasing personalities, referred to as "paramahamsas" (or great swans) in the spiritual texts of India. This path is inviting to everyone, and equally as attractive, but do we have it in us to say no to the so-called normal? Join us for a deep discussion, delicious vegan feast, and awesome kirtan.