Natasha Roldan & Jorge Gil at MUSIDEUM

8PM - Thursday, August 07 @ MUSIDEUM 401 Richmond St. W.

TICKETS: $20 / $10 (student)


Natasha Roldán: Vocals

Jorge Gil: Guitar

Their performance captures the traditional essence of the most beautiful South American and European songs, performed in their original languages. Their soulful and modern interpretation brings to life the cultural tradition.

Natasha Roldán and Jorge Gil are two Colombian musicians based in Toronto. They have come together to take Toronto’s audience on a trip around the world with special songs from different countries in their original languages. Their performance captures the traditional essence of the songs, adding a twist with their soulful and modern interpretation.

Natasha and Jorge have shared a long and fulfilling musical path. Early in their careers they were active participants in the Colombian Jazz scene. They have been mentored by professional musicians from all over the world, participating in workshops, master classes, and private lessons. They were part of York University’s music program as well as the Music production program at Seneca College. Having relocated to Toronto, they continue to perform in venues and festivals around town while working on Natasha’s first EP.