Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Marshall McLuhan's iconic text Understanding Media, Lines of Thought will be an evening of monologue and dialogue presented by today¹s most McLuhanesque thinkers. As a unique tribute to the Canadian icon, our speakers will explore the interaction of technology and culture, and how McLuhan¹s legacy has evolved in the 21st century. On June 20, during the 15th annual convention of the Media Ecology Association in Toronto, the Faculty of Information Coach House Institute at the University of Toronto will hold an evening of conversation to build on, called "Lines of Thought," and go beyond the legacy of McLuhan’s probes and thoughts. The live audience will be invited to respond and interact electronically.

Guest speakers include: Arsinée Khanjian / Sandra Braman / Liz Dowdswell / Derrick de Kerckhove / Abdul Khan / Joshua Meyrowitz / David Nostbakken / John Oswald / Sandy Pearlman / Greg Power / David Rokeby / Dominique Scheffel-Dunand