Dianetics brings together dancers, video artists, drone and noise musicians in a mystical, beautiful and intense environment nestled, on August 15th, in the transformed basement of Mây Cafe (876 Dundas Street West). This, the third occurrence of Dianetics, features sound performances by Fog Spirits (http://fogspirits.bandcamp.com/), Mystic Triangle (http://mystictriangle.bandcamp.com/) and Hexzuul (https://hexzuul.bandcamp.com/), dance and sound performances by Lone Human (https://vimeo.com/user8092382) and Blunt Chunks (https://soundcloud.com/blunt-chunks), live analogue video projections by Philip Baljeu (http://ruinelectronics.com/), video installation by Peter Rahul (https://vimeo.com/peterrahul) and ambient DJ set by Ghostconsole (https://soundcloud.com/ghostconsole).

PWYW ($5 recommended or $10 with purchase of Hexzuul/Fog Spirits cassette)

{ 9PM – 1AM }