Comedy At the Red Rocket - Nothing to do at all with NXNE OR Pride

This week we are celebrating nothing at Comedy At The Red Rocket. Nope. Not Pride. Not NXNE. Nothing. Just great comedy. Next week is our 1 year show. There will be cake. Maybe balloons. This week just comedy.

Featuring your host Joel West.

Andy Itwaru

Anthony Kapfer

Jason Gracey

Daniel Boardman

Justin Laite

Cathryn Naiker

Faisal Butt

Rachel Resnik

Alex Crawford

Tamara Junkin

Rob Davies.

Ben Wilson.

Danny Freedman

Hisham Kelati

and our featured headliner who will also be part of a festival this week which we will call NXNW Just for confusion purposes and all the way from NYC: Miguel Dalmau!

Jokes! Coffee! Craft beer! And almost 1 year old!