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Hogtown Shakedown crowns top bartender in Toronto

Posted by Jen Hunter / October 5, 2013

Hogtown Shakedown cocktail competitionWith Toronto Cocktail Week drawing to a close, Thursday night saw the inaugural Hogtown Shakedown crown Toronto's best bartender. After a shortlist of 38 cocktail entries was whittled down to a semi-final at Spirit House, the final five found themselves facing off at The Drake Hotel, with legendary master bartender Dale DeGroff forming a judging panel alongside Toronto's mixological patriarch Dave Mitton and Buca's Rob Gentile.

Hogtown Shakedown cocktail competitionContesting for city-wide bragging rights were Shane Mulvany (The Chase), Veronica Saye (Home of The Brave), Jeff Carroll (The County General), Josh Lindley (Bar Isabel), and John Bunner (Yours Truly), supported by the losing semi-finalists as bar backs.

Hogtown Shakedown cocktail competitionCharged with making 5 cocktails each, utilizing at least one of the five liquor categories on offer in every one, all the entrants were then surprised with a mystery box from The Drake General Store, from which they had to find ways to use absinthe sugar, rhubarb syrup, and maple bourbon pickles.

Hogtown Shakedown cocktail competitionThe crowd, in the meantime, were treated to snacks from The Drake, as well as custom cocktails, whilst they watched T.O.'s bartending elite sweat it out. Over the course of 40 minutes - with 15 minutes each to present to the judges, creations from the group slung their way over the bar.

Hogtown Shakedown cocktail competitionAfter a lengthy deliberation, the man who placed 2nd at the Diageo World Class Canada Finals, Shane Mulvany, took top honours here. His drinks included, amongst others, a 'Nuclear Banana Daiquiri' (amber and overproof rums, yellow Chartreuse, velvet falernum, lime juice and sugar, with a banana garnish); 'Bruce Banner' (vodka, lemon, cucumber juice, absinthe sugar), and 'Dance With The Devil' (tequila, Aperol, lime, rhubarb juice, rhubarb syrup, and ginger beer).

Hogtown Shakedown cocktail competitionIf the folks at TiB can keep up the standard set this week, one can hope TCW will be a regular feature on the city's social calendar for years to come.


Hogtown Shakedown cocktail competitionHogtown Shakedown cocktail competitionHogtown Shakedown cocktail competitionHogtown Shakedown cocktail competitionHogtown Shakedown cocktail competitionHogtown Shakedown cocktail competitionHogtown Shakedown cocktail competitionHogtown Shakedown cocktail competitionPhotos by Jesse Milns



Hung Over / October 5, 2013 at 12:56 pm
Shut up and make me freaking gin and tonic.
Miss Ologist replying to a comment from Hung Over / October 5, 2013 at 01:52 pm
Where have you been? We don't DO gin and tonic, and no vodka either. How about a refreshing mud cocktail with bacon, house bitters and roasted pumpkin seed juice?
LC / October 6, 2013 at 04:46 am
Good bartending isn't about making fancy drinks, it's about personality. These competitions forget that.
Vincent Pollard replying to a comment from LC / October 6, 2013 at 02:18 pm
I disagree. In most of these competitions the bartender's personality is an important aspect that gets taken into account.
Kyle / October 6, 2013 at 08:37 pm
This isnt a fucking personality competition.

Its a mixology contest, for COCKTAILS

you fucking hipsters.
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