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These intersections have the most expensive condos in Toronto

For Toronto residents, the dream of the white picket fence isn't dead, but a condo in a good neighbourhood close to a subway will do just fine.

Because we're growing more fond of condo living, it's also getting more expensive. The Red Pin recently charted re-sale condo prices at 25 key Toronto intersections in an effort to pinpoint the most pricey clusters and vice versa.

Their findings show that one bedrooms are the most common unit-type, making up 56 per cent condos in the areas studied. They came in with an average price of  $545,000. 

Units that were closer to all the best amenities were, not surprisingly, the most coveted amongst condo hunters.

The most expensive intersection, Avenue and Bloor, is on the edge of both the Annex and Yorkville, retaining the quiet serenity of a residential neighbourhood while still being just a stone's throw away from the downtown.

Conversely, the least expensive intersection, Yonge and Queen (Avg. Price: 1 Bedroom: $371,444) lacks many of the residential qualities you see in less dense areas.

Two bedrooms accounted for 30 per cent of units, but also made up the majority of luxury offerings.

They averaged about $925,000 at these intersections, a cost that is slightly reduced when looking at the median ($519,000 for one bedrooms and $847,000 for two bedrooms), a number that is less prone to stark shifts.

Despite major gains in prices over the first eight months of the year (24.8 percent), there's been a slump more recently. Condo prices across the city were down 6.5 percent in August, and the overall number of sales has dropped 31.2 percent since April.

These are the most expensive intersections for re-sale condos in Toronto.

Avenue and Bloor 

Avg. Price: 1 Bedroom: $753,735; Avg. Price: 2 Bedrooms: $1,346,615

Bay and Bloor

Avg. Price: 1 Bedroom: $626,989; Avg. Price: 2 Bedrooms: $1,542,568

Front and John

Avg. Price: 1 Bedroom: $613,730; Avg. Price: 2 Bedrooms: $1,318,594

Carlton and Yonge

Avg. Price: 1 Bedroom: $602,323; Avg. Price: 2 Bedrooms: $903,275

University and Wellington

Avg. Price: 1 Bedroom: $588,236; Avg. Price: 2 Bedrooms: $942,000

University and York

Avg. Price: 1 Bedroom: $579,413; Avg. Price: 2 Bedrooms: $942,000

Bay and College

Avg. Price: 1 Bedroom: $576,749; Avg. Price: 2 Bedrooms: $829,801

Bloor and Yonge

Avg. Price: 1 Bedroom: $570,058; Avg. Price: 2 Bedrooms: $913,443

Wellesley and Yonge

Avg. Price: 1 Bedroom: $544,927; Avg. Price: 2 Bedrooms: $756,817

King and Spadina

Avg. Price: 1 Bedroom: $540,153; Avg. Price: 2 Bedrooms: $860,149

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Marcus Mitanis

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