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Get It To Go Green @ The Gladstone This Thursday

Posted by Staff / January 22, 2007

If San Francisco can successfully ban Styrofoam, why can't Toronto? That's one of the questions local green group NaturoPack will ask at its fundraiser Get It To Go Green at the Gladstone this Thursday. The event is also the launch party for the organization's Get It To Go Green campaign which encourages restaurants to use sustainable containers (made of corn, potato and sugar cane) instead of regular paper, plastic and Styrofoam packaging.

NaturoPack is a not-for-profit organization that started a year ago. Its mandate is to raise awareness, educate and advocate sustainable packaging. The group has participated in Kensington's Pedestrian Sunday where it displayed books and discussed packaging alternatives, but Thursday will be its full forced d├ębut.

One of its top priorities in the Get It To Go Green campaign is to make Toronto a Styrofoam-free city. With its reluctance to biodegrade and its bad rep as a toxic material, Styrofoam is one of the environment's biggest enemies. NaturoPack estimates that more than 100 cities in the U.S. alone have banned the material and hopes Toronto will follow suit. Its Petition on Styrofoam (to be sent to City Council) will be circulated at the Gladstone later this week, but you can also add your name on-line.

On Thursday night, the Rumoli Bros will host the night with comedic performances by Knock, Knock (Who's There?) comedy and The Williamson Playboys. Indie darlings Ohbijou and The Rural Alberta Advantage will play acoustic sets for our aural pleasure and everything will be fuelled by an interactive bicycle generator. So bring your cycling shoes and $10 and we'll see you there. Doors at 8pm.

To stay atop of what NaturoPack is up to, also check out their MySpace.



Mike Jones / January 22, 2007 at 07:54 pm
There's never a blue box in those fast foot joints (eg KFC, Burger King, McDonalds). Are the *trying* to hurt the environment?! Would it kill them to have a few blue boxes.
Jerrold / January 22, 2007 at 08:13 pm
I went to a McDonald's in... ahem... Acton (don't ask) and they had a great, pictorally labeled 3-stream recyling garbage bin beside the regular catch-all bin. As I ate I watched people hesitate for a moment in front of the recycling bin, then veer right and dump their entire tray contents into the non-recycling bin.
Aaron / May 14, 2009 at 03:30 am
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