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Cherry Bomb

Posted by Emily Thomas / Posted on March 13, 2009

Chery BombIt's very Zen like inside Cherry Bomb. The decor is sparse and simple. The place is impressively clean, as though scrubbed down and put into order moments before we arrived. Some gentle, melodic music is playing (Bonnie Prince Billy with Tortoise "The Brave and The Bold", I find out). I can understand why Cherry Bomb has become a popular place for take-away morning coffee. It's relaxing inside. One would leave there feeling centred (and ready for a jolt of caffeine).Chery BombRoncesvalles goes wild for Cherry Bomb coffee. Alyssa and I'd hung around inside Cherry Bomb with some finely crafted lattes ($2.50) made from Dark City coffee beans. The coffee comes in paper cups with a cherry seared into the side in red ink. Customers can bring their own mug for a discount, but Cherry Bomb is mostly a take away place. Chery BombThe recent Best Cookies in Toronto poll incited equally rave reviews for Cherry Bomb baked goods, so Alyssa and I trip over there near the end of the day. All the remaining cookies, scones and cakes have been neatly stacked on a single baking tray in the middle of the wide-open kitchen behind the counter. I appreciate this small and manageable amount of baked goods because it looks like they are going to sell out. (I used to work at a bakery that sold three-day old pastries as "day olds" and as a result, am wary of mass baking.)Chery BombThere are only about six baked good options so we get to try almost everything (except the most popular, sold out chocolate oatmeal cookie). The double chocolate and cranberry cookie ($1.50) is rich and chewy. The cranberries burst, tart, through the dark chocolaty bites. And we split a slice of the coffee cake ($2.75). It has swirls of CB's own ground coffee and comes apart in sugary coffee hunks and walnut. Chery Bomb
These are sturdy goods. We take the rest of them away in a paper bag that endures several bouts of rain and a train ride. By the end of the day the bag is damp, tearing at the edges with the bottom falling out. But the sweets are intact. Chery BombWe had an oatmeal raisin cookie ($1.50) in there, gigantic and chewy and packed with raisins. And the cinnamon scone ($2.00) retained its freshness the next day because it was so moist and dense. It's not too sweet, and with butter it becomes a hearty meal.
Chery BombChery BombChery Bomb
Photos by: Alyssa Bistonath


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