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Baby Huey

Photo: Eugen Sakhnenko

Posted by Eugen Sakhenko / August 16, 2010

Baby Huey is THE ultimate underground hipster hangout. I try to stay away from using the word "hipster" as a general rule, but I just can't get around it in this case. The crowd is made up of plaid shirt and skinny jean-wearing, barely-legal, pretty youths - a.k.a. hipsters. They guzzle their beers joyfully and spread their lanky love all over the place.

With its blood red walls, flickering candlelight, and abundance of dark corners with cushy couches, Baby Huey is a place you could easily commit illicit drunken acts with strangers in. Do you remember the one cool kid in high school who had the party basement with all the worn out furniture? That's exactly what Baby Huey feels like. It feels like Grandma could show up at any time with homemade cookies shrieking something about "Kids today..."

When I popped in recently the bartenders were decked out in strictly black, white, and red clothing decorated with various bits of the human skeleton. Happy-go-lucky pretty people decked out in death - oddly appropriate attire in these troubled times.

Nick Goluch, the bar-back du jour, fed me Wild Turkey on the rocks and bought me a shot of Jager on the house for good measure. The red-headed bartender from The Beaconsfield was playing DJ in the back. He spun a haphazard mix of Beach Boys, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, and The Rolling Stones. The vibe was thick with potential and black magic. I got caught up in the moment and interrogated the hell out of the bartender.

I learned that Mike Homewood is the owner of Baby Huey. Most people know him from his regular bouncing gig at The Social. Mike's a big guy, like 6'6" or something. He even used to play CFL football. He was huge and immovable on the field so they started to call him Baby Huey, after the huge and immovable cartoon duck. The name stuck. Mike's old CFL sports card decorates the wall behind the bar beside a big red heart with "I LOVE MONEY" written on the inside.

Homewood used to have a framed baby picture of himself up on the wall (a tribute to the big duck in the diaper no doubt). Last summer some capitalizing hipster, hoping to make a buck off of Homewood's newfound notoriety, lifted the photo. Now it's worth about $47.50 on eBay. For love or money, Baby Huey's going to make a buck. Drop by, get drunk, and make out with a stranger.

Writing by Jennifer Toole

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steve / March 27, 2012 at 11:38 AM

That blog made me never want to go to this bar.

steve / March 27, 2012 at 11:39 AM

That write up makes me never want to go to this bar! Never !

Linnell / September 25, 2012 at 9:55 PM

They can, but it's all up to the bartender's diosreticn since they are responsible, to various extents depending on the state, on the safety of their patrons. Some states hold servers accountable for activities in the establishment, some go all the way to prosecuting servers in the event someone gets in an accident on the way home. But in this case, since it is not illegal to serve her, it comes down to an ethical choice for the server.

ivelina / March 29, 2014 at 12:38 PM

This used to be a very good place but now they make you wait in line for at least half an hour even though the bar is empty....forcing you to stay upstairs or downstairs ONLY......never going back! So disappointed

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