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Bill Hicks Bar / Bar

946 Queen St. East Website
Bill Hicks Bar

Bill Hicks Bar is a new rock-meets-dive-meets-tiki bar (basically, the bar version of a hypothetical love child between Dave Grohl, Gary Busey, and Matthew McConaughey in his bongo phase). Posthumously...

Gilt / Dance Club

31 Mercer St. 416.979.0131 Website

Gilt opened over the summer in the Entertainment District. Boasting bottle service and themed nights, the nightclub bills itself as Toronto's hottest patio. I visited Gilt on a Thursday evening in...

Penny's Bar / Bar

1306 Bloor St. West 647.350.2337 Website
Penny's Bar

Penny's is one of the latest bars dotting the molting retail landscape of Bloordale Village. Located at Bloor and Lansdowne, the bar opened its doors earlier this year in a...

Junction City Music Hall / Live Music

2907 Dundas St. West Website
Junction City Music Hall

Junction City Music Hall has been described as a place where you feel like you're part of a secret club that only the cool kids know about. This inconspicuous underground...

The Well / Bar

121 Ossington Avenue Website
The Well

The Well landed itself a coveted spot on Lower Ossington this past spring, taking over from the short-lived pasta place just down from Golden Turtle. Billed as a cafe and...

Rush Lane / Bar

563 Queen St. West 416.551.7540 Website
Rush Lane

Rush Lane, Queen West's new cocktail-focused nightspot, opened this summer to no small amount of buzz. Featuring a team of multiple owner-bartenders, the place appears ready to make a real...

Linwood Essentials / Bar

930 Queen St. West 647.828.9663 Website
Linwood Essentials

Linwood Essentials is located at Queen and Shaw, in the former home of celebrated noodle house A-OK Foods, a space long eyed by any number of savvy restaurateurs who might...

The Cavern Bar / Bar

76 Church St. 416.971.4440 Website
The Cavern Bar

The Cavern Bar is a newly renovated bar located on the lower level of the Hostelling International Toronto hostel. Open seven nights a week, The Cavern hosts fun activities like...

The Calvin Bar / Bar

325 Bay St. 416.637.5555 Website
The Calvin Bar

The Calvin Bar represents something of a rebirth for the Trump Hotel here in Toronto. Helmed by an INK/O&B partnership, the stuffy Stock has become the America restaurant, while downstairs...

120 Diner / Live Music

120 Church St. 416.792.7725 Website
120 Diner

120 Diner, the casual downstairs sister to Church Street mainstay Club 120, hopes to add a new dimension to owners Mandy Goodhandy and Todd Klinck's party destination. Once the pair...

The Gaslight / Bar

1426 Bloor St. West 647.402.9728 Website
The Gaslight

Stepping into The Gaslight is something of a relief. The sparsely populated area around Bloor and Symington feels a far cry from the relatively bustling Bloor and Lansdowne neighbourhood. The...

Studio Bar / Bar

824 Dundas St. West 416.815.7823
Studio Bar

Studio Bar is the latest multiuse venue to open on Dundas West, after a long struggle. That must be a relief to owners Sebastian Lye, Alex Ottens and Mike Bodor,...

The Rum Exchange / Lounge

67 Richmond St. W 416.941.0000 Website
The Rum Exchange

The Rum Exchange aspires to be Toronto's No. 1 destination for the Caribbean's ubiquitous spirit. With over 55 varieties available, and owner Rumen Dimitrov ('Toronto's Rum Ambassador') on hand to...

Jam Factory / Live Music

2 Matilda St. Website
Jam Factory

Jam Factory is the perfect target for some half-assed puns, but I'll restrain myself. The building was, in fact, originally a late 19th-century jam plant known as Sherriff Jam Factory....

ACE Nightclub / Dance Club

425 Adelaide St. W 416.504.1444 Website
ACE Nightclub

ACE is a new nightclub that touts itself as an elite place to play. Opened in the old Footwork space on Adelaide, a whole different vibe is cultivated. I visited...

DW Alexander / Lounge

19 Church St. 416.364.8368 Website
DW Alexander

DW Alexander is a new cocktail lounge located near Church and Front where the Foundation Room used to be. With highbrow drinks and highly delicious bar snacks, DW Alexander bills...

Smiling Buddha / Live Music

961 College Street 416.788.7586 Website
Smiling Buddha

Smiling Buddha has long been known as an on-and-off hub for emerging Toronto indie rock bands as well as a prototypical dive bar that resisted gentrification. But as of this...

Coda / Dance Club

794 Bathurst St. 416.536.0346 Website

Coda is the spiritual successor to the much loved Footwork, one of Toronto's most best-known dance clubs to cater to a demanding, techno loving audience. But with the steady dismantling...

El Caballito / Bar

220 King St. W 416.628.9838 Website
El Caballito

El Caballito opened earlier this month at King and Duncan. Offering a range of tequilas (and related cocktails), as well as bar snacks like tacos with scratch-made tortillas, the aim...

La Porte / Bar

214 Ossington Ave 416.688.2481 Website
La Porte

La Porte is a new bar at Dundas and Ossington. Just a few months old, it's already known for hosting themed nights, impressive DJs and drinks specials. I visited La Porte...

The Midpoint / Bar

1180 Queen Street West 416.272.2450
The Midpoint

The Midpoint on West Queen West has been kicking around for at least five years, having several incarnations as pizza parlour, bar and club. Seems like it's finally settled into...

Ryze / Dance Club

423 College St. 416.868.0303 Website

Ryze is a new nightclub located at College and Bathurst where Moskito used to be. Ryze often hosts special parties and guest DJs such as Hernan Cattaneo and Butch. For...

Pact Bar / Bar

768 Dundas St. West 647.240.0738 Website
Pact Bar

Pact Bar opened at the end of November at the corner of Dundas and Markham. It's tucked away from the main street behind an Ali Baba's. It joins a neighbourhood...

Rock 'n' Horse Saloon / Bar

250 Adelaide St. W 647.344.1234 Website
Rock 'n' Horse Saloon

The Rock 'n' Horse Saloon opens today in the former London Tap House site on Adelaide St. West. Going head to head with Boots & Bourbon in the east end...

Seventeen Eighteen / Bar

1718 Queen St. W 416.588.7529 Website
Seventeen Eighteen

Seventeen Eighteen is the product of former Go Lounge owners Samantha Lerner and Alisa Sadler and Black Pug DMK owner and designer Daisuke Ito. They've transformed the old board game...

The Dock Ellis / Pub

1280 Dundas St. W 416.792.8472 Website
The Dock Ellis

The Dock Ellis launched this week at Dundas and Dovercourt, in a neighbourhood already populated with an abundance of watering holes. Amidst a glut of hip joints full of craft...

Hi-Lo Bar / Bar

753 Queen St. E 416.551.3459 Website
Hi-Lo Bar

Hi-Lo Bar is a new bar in Riverside in the space that PicNic at Home used to occupy. As of late, when I go out on the town, I sometimes...

WAbar / Pub

3 Isabella St. 647.352.3351 Website

WAbar is a hidden gem occupying an unassuming storefront on Isabella at Yonge that dubs itself an Asian sports bar. Owners Gen Shimanuki, Jonathon Ho and Michael Buenaventura are a...

The Rockpile East / Live Music

2787 Eglinton Ave. E 647.748.7625 Website
The Rockpile East

The Rockpile East is situated in Scarborough at Eglinton Ave E and Danforth Rd. Housed in the same building as the Eglinton Inn and conveniently (landmark-wise) next door to Caddy's...

Round / Bar

152 Augusta Ave. 416.451.6346 Website

Round is a new space in Kensington Market that hosts a variety of events and themed nights and also operates as a restaurant during dinner hours. It takes over for...

Gravity Soundbar / Dance Club

296 Richmond St W 416.977.8900 Website
Gravity Soundbar

Gravity Soundbar is a nightclub located in the Entertainment District. It hosts themed events most nights, such as Wayback Wednesday and She Likes It Saturdays (a vast improvement over He...

EFS Nightclub / Dance Club

647 King St. West 416.477.5460 Website
EFS Nightclub

EFS is a new nightclub underneath the identically-named rooftop patio on King West. I visited EFS (the nightclub) late on a Wednesday evening. Though I've been to EFS (the rooftop...

Weldon Park / Bar

569 College St 416.551.7055 Website
Weldon Park

Weldon Park is the newest bar to spring up on College Street. Just like the name suggests, it has a park theme, but unlike any park I've been to before,...

Crews & Tangos / Dance Club

508 Church Street 647.349.7469 Website
Crews & Tangos

Crews & Tangos is where I go when I need to dance my heart out. The club is a nightlife staple in The Village, set up in an old two-storey...

Ballet / Lounge

227A Ossington Avenue 647.352.8253 Website

Ballet is an event venue/lounge/nightclub on Ossington located in the space where Jezebel used to be. Like Jezebel, Ballet features burlesque and other types of performance while encouraging patrons to...

Cameron House / Live Music

408 Queen Street West 416.703.0811 Website
Cameron House

The Cameron House is the first bar I ever went to in Toronto. I had just turned 19 and recently reconnected with a cousin of mine who was taking me...

Scout's Honour / Bar

1576 Dundas St. W. 647.748.6627 Website
Scout's Honour

Scout's Honour is like going to summer camp. The smell of fresh pine, stories around the campfire, prepubescent awkwardness...Ok, so there's no fire pit (thanks a lot fire safety laws)...

EFS / Lounge

647 King St W 416.477.5460 Website

EFS is a new rooftop patio servicing businesspeople and trustfund 20-somethings in the King West area. Inspired by a piece of art, EFS stands for Everything's For Sale , though...

Lucy Brock / Bar

1479 Dundas St W 647.299.6741 Website
Lucy Brock

Lucy Brock is a new bar at Dundas and Dufferin courtesy of Ryan McVittie, the folks behind Parkdale's Motel (Daniel Greaves and Lisa Black) and Elizabeth Davies. A small but...

Muzik Beach / Lounge

5 Saskatchewan Rd 416.595.9998 Website
Muzik Beach

Muzik Beach nightclub is like a caricature of a nightclub. It's like something from the set of a film: everywhere you look, it's protein shake-fuelled bros in too-well-fitting clothes and...

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Recent Comments

  • Bill Hicks Bar While I feel we don't need another hipster-type spot out here in the east-end (Really? PBR? Bacon reference? Sigh.) It beats having a load of SIR-Corp/Irish Pub Chain/Caseys/Loose Moose type...
  • Ryze One of the girls that collects the entrance fee is hilarious. Seems like she hates her life lol I would too if I was doing her job, but really she...
  • Bill Hicks Bar Refreshing to see a normal bartender pouring booze from a bottle, and mix from a can instead of pretentious "house made" crap that tastes murky and muddy and costs $20...
  • Bill Hicks Bar I'm with Berry, Tiki Bar? Don't think so.
  • Bill Hicks Bar Hey, that stranger was me! (Or at least I presume so) Great write up, and completely agree with all of the above. An instant classic.
  • Penny's I go to Penny's all the time. The beer selection is fantastic and cheap and service is excellent. Love the food, decor and staff.
  • Bill Hicks Bar Seems like a decent hipster dive, but I have no idea how this place is supposed to be "tiki" at all, unless you think "tiki" just means colorful. No tiki...
  • Bill Hicks Bar I wonder how Hicks would feel about his image being used to sell alcohol... Hicks didn't drink! And he spoke constantly about his preference for pot and psychedelics. As well...
  • Bill Hicks Bar will have to check out, as the bars name is exactly like my beloved Dad, Bill Hicks, he would have got a kick out that wish he was here so...
  • Bill Hicks Bar Sorry, but calling this a tiki bar doesn't make it one. If the reviewer only mentions cheap PBR and makes the requisite bacon references, this means it's just another hipster...
  • Bill Hicks Bar Such a great spot and so close to home!
  • Bill Hicks Bar Opening a Bill Hicks bar that is completely no smoking is like opening a Kim Kardashian bar that has no mirrors.
  • Bill Hicks Bar Tiki bar? So I can go and get a Zombie or a Mai Tai or a Hurricane or a Planters Punch or a Fog Cutter or a Jungle Bird or a...
  • Penny's Great place for good homemade food and drinks, whether you enjoy beer or cocktails. The staff is friendly and the entertainment is always enjoyable. Make this your local...
  • Penny's Penny's is a good spot. Nice people! But I really wish they'd turn down the dang lights. Bars are dark for a reason (to camouflage your ugly mug so that...
  • Gilt LOL! This is one of the best articles on here.
  • Gilt Loved the writeup. I'll say it for you though, this place already stinks of douchebags. I'll pass.
  • Gilt Looks pretty boring. I guess that's cool if you're only good for just standing around and looking good.
  • Gilt Part of me really wants to believe that they're being sarcastic or ironic with the hashtags thing, but the rest of me is too busy weeping for the future of...
  • Gilt love your reviews Martha!
  • Gilt Sounds terrible.
  • The Well Great atmosphere and reasonably priced drinks. This place is located next to the Golden Turtle (they actually feature dinner service, so you can enjoy some vietnamese accompanied with an ice...
  • The Well This place is a joke, they serve as extra seating for the Golden Turtle spillover these days
  • Rush Lane This is where that wings place used to be, right? Think the wings place would be a better move for the area. It's not like anyone really likes...
  • The Cavern Bar I completely love the look of this space. Does anyone know why the cellar was constructed in this shape? It is beautiful.
  • Rush Lane Haha. Suspenders. The new 'flair' bartending. Smoke and mirrors, folks, step right up.
  • Rush Lane This place looks great. The prices also aren't outrageous for the amount of effort going into each item. Will definitely be checking it out
  • The Cavern Bar What a cool looking space! Any explanation why the cellar is shaped like this?
  • The Cavern Bar How about listing the food? Can't find any info on the Cavern "web page" and the hostel web page.

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