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Bake Them Pretty / Cupcakes

106 Harbord St. 647.350.2253 Website
Bake Them Pretty

Bake Them Pretty takes the total bakery count on Harbord Street up to four, having opened just a few days before Almond Butterfly a few doors down. What used to...

Home / Cakes, Pies And Cookies

1242 Bloor St. West 647.350.3400 Website

Home is a new bake shop and ice cream spot that opened in Bloordale earlier this summer. Bakerbots co-owner and Home full-owner Christopher Stopa (of "lost Radiohead song" fame) wants...

Tia's Bakery / Gluten Free

761 Pape Ave. 416.462.9777 Website
Tia's Bakery

Tia's Bakery, originally located in Cambridge, has opened a new location of their gluten-free and dairy free bakery off the Danforth, just north of the Pape subway stop. It seems cakes,...

Almond Butterfly / Gluten Free

100 Harbord St. 416.948.0225 Website
Almond Butterfly

Almond Butterfly is only about two weeks old, but it already feels like it's settled in on Harbord as a local neighbourhood staple. On the day I visit, a steady...

Bunner's Bake Shop (Kensington Market) / Gluten Free

244 Augusta Ave. 647.350.2975 Website
Bunner's Bake Shop (Kensington Market)

Bunner's Bake Shop has opened a new location in Kensington Market that I'm guessing is going to be more popular than the original in the Junction. There's something about Bunner's...

The Rolling Pin / Doughnuts

3429 Yonge St. 416.691.4554 Website
The Rolling Pin

The Rolling Pin has taking over the former Espresso Room cafe (that didn't even last a year) - maybe a '50s themed bakery will draw more of a crowd. It...

Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery / Cakes, Pies And Cookies

93 Ossington Ave.
Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery

Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery is an offshoot of the notoriously fabulous Bakerbots bakery. The new digs don't have the cute touches of Bakerbots, but the vaulted ceiling, white...

Sweet Serendipity / Cupcakes

1335 Danforth Ave. 416.837.3254 Website
Sweet Serendipity

Sweet Serendipity opened its doors on Danforth East just a few weeks ago, and is already cheering up the neighbourhood with its treats. The small shop has just two tables...

Baker and Scone / Pastries

693 St. Clair Ave. West 416.657.2663 Website
Baker and Scone

Baker and Scone is one of the newest faces on St. Clair Ave. Owner Sandra Katsiou brings her love of scones to the new bakery, specializing in that quick bread...

BakeryHaus / Pastries

238 Queen St. West 416.835.3181 Website

BakeryHaus is located in the Queen Street Market, across from the CHUM building. You know the one - it's always half empty or under construction, with a handful of 'upscale'...

Blackbird Baking Co. / Bread

172 Baldwin St. 416.708.3475 Website
Blackbird Baking Co.

Blackbird Baking finally has a flagship, and it's in the heart of Kensington - a great fit for owner Simon Blackwell's rustic bakery. Housed in the former Cobs Bread location...

Phipps Bakery Cafe / Cakes, Pies And Cookies

420 Eglinton West 416.481.9111 Website
Phipps Bakery Cafe

Phipps Bakery Cafe lets whimsy reign. The Eglinton Ave. bakery bubbles over with a kind of frothy enthusiasm, from its curlicue-rod iron-front doors and French-style awning to the big baskets...

Sugary Swirls / Cupcakes

1087 Bathurst St. 416.303.3183 Website
Sugary Swirls

Sugary Swirls, a new bakery on Bathurst, is the realization of owner Sonia Esteves' long-held dream of running a bakeshop. After a life-changing experience with breast cancer, Esteves finally decided...

Tori and Cate's Cupcakes / Cupcakes

1592 Bayview Ave. 416.482.8674 Website
Tori and Cate's Cupcakes

Tori and Cate's Cupcakes was born out of a mother's wish for her two youngest daughters. Owner Christina D'Onofrio's daughters Tori and Cate are Type 1 Diabetics, and she hated...

Lamanna's Bakery / Pastries

6758 Kingston Rd. 416.287.2020 Website
Lamanna's Bakery

Lamanna's Bakery may be on Toronto's eastern edge (401 and Kingston Road), but it's easily one of the most authentic Italian bakeries the city has to offer. Bakery may be a...

Apiecalypse Now! / Cakes, Pies And Cookies

589 Markham St. 416.800.1736 Website
Apiecalypse Now!

Apiecalypse Now is an aptly named vegan bakery that just opened in Mirvish Village. Run by vegan activist and baker Jennifer Bundock, it is underground in every sense of the...

Von Doughnuts / Doughnuts

713 Danforth Ave. 416.901.8663 Website
Von Doughnuts

Von Doughnuts on the Danforth is the latest gourmet doughnut shop to toss their hat in the Toronto ring. With sleek orange and grey interior, they're due for some seating...

de Floured / Gluten Free

1250 College St.
de Floured

de Floured owner Krista Tobias, with gluten-free flour smeared across her face and apron, is picture-perfect as she updates the chalkboard at the entrance of her new bakery at 1250...

Delysees / Pastries

780 King St. W. 416.360.0095 Website

Delysees opened early last week on King West, billing itself as an authentic modern French bakery. A tempting claim, for sure, which motivates me to endure biking through rush-hour traffic...

Through Being Cool Vegan Baking Co. / Cakes, Pies And Cookies

1277 Bloor St. W. 416.998.3321 Website
Through Being Cool Vegan Baking Co.

Through Being Cool Vegan Baking Co.'s whole name is essentially a big lie. They're not through being cool, at all. The new bake shop opened at Bloor and Lansdowne on...

Sud Forno / Bread

716 Queen St. W 416.504.7667
Sud Forno

Sud Forno is the still new, Terroni bakery that opened this summer just a few doors down from the original Southern Italian eatery on West Queen West. The interior, designed...

The Pie Commission / Cakes, Pies And Cookies

935 The Queensway 416.848.7424 Website
The Pie Commission

The Pie Commission recently opened along The Queensway in Etobicoke, selling fresh and frozen handheld savoury pies from the walk-up window of its factory outlet facility. Tucked away in the...

mon K Patisserie / Pastries

1040 Coxwell Ave 416.696.8181 Website
mon K Patisserie

mon K Patisserie offers baked treats in a style not often found in Toronto. The bakery was inspired by French cuisine, but the goods have a Japanese flair added on...

More than Pies / Cakes, Pies And Cookies

3469 Lake Shore Blvd W 416.708.9525 Website
More than Pies

More than Pies is a retail and wholesale bakery that has been serving Etobicoke residents, cafés, food shops, and farmers' markets since 2009. Previously located at 3261 Lake Shore Blvd...

Bagels on Fire / Bagels

2248 Queen St. East 647.343.8484
Bagels on Fire

Bagels on Fire is a new little bagel shop in the Beaches that churns out Montreal-style bagels which are served distinctly not on fire. They do, however, come from a...

Petite & Sweet Bakes / Cupcakes

718 Queen St. E. 647.748.7704 Website
Petite & Sweet Bakes

Petite & Sweet Bakes offers more than just your standard cupcakes — they'll swoop in and plan your entire event, if you let them. The bakery/event planning agency just...

Cakestar / Cakes, Pies And Cookies

3431 Lake Shore Blvd. West 416.259.9053 Website

Cakestar has been baking, sculpting, and decorating custom cakes and treats in its Etobicoke studio since 2011. After spending some time perusing online photos of past creations, I knew I...

Jelly Modern Doughnuts / Doughnuts

376 College St 416.962.2053 Website
Jelly Modern Doughnuts

Jelly Modern Doughnuts, a new shop for gourmet treats at College and Bathurst, will probably become the next big hangout for cops in no time — its doughnuts absolutely pulverize...

Chocolate Brunette / Cupcakes

182 Avenue Road 416.834.9711 Website
Chocolate Brunette

The Chocolate Brunette Pastry Company recently opened on Avenue Road north of Davenport selling Italian-inspired and chocolate-centric desserts. Owner and baker Micol Corno started The Chocolate Brunette as an online...

Lightweight Mini-Donuts / Doughnuts

214 Augusta Ave 416.727.4150 Website
Lightweight Mini-Donuts

Lightweight Mini-Donuts opened last week, adding a bite-sized treat to the mix of delicious food options available in Kensington Market. I went to check it out after a tiring day...

Forno Cultura / Bread

609 King St W 416.603.8305 Website
Forno Cultura

Forno Cultura is fresh goods on Toronto's baking scene. The Italian bakery opened two weeks ago at King and Bathurst in a warehouse-like space beneath WVRST. While the bakery has...

Bite Bar / Cupcakes

57 Elm St. 647.907.4465 Website
Bite Bar

Bite Bar is located somewhere at the intersection of Hello Kitty and Sex and the City — in other words, it is the girliest establishment ever to grace Toronto (actual...

Wafflian / Cupcakes

109 McCaul St. 647.748.5788 Website

The Wafflian Belgian Waffle and Cupcake Bar opened a couple weeks ago as a sweet addition to the Village by the Grange food court. Nestled deep among fast food...

Cupcakes Leaside / Cupcakes

85 Laird Drive, Unit 4 416.287.2253 Website
Cupcakes Leaside

Cupcakes Leaside is the first foray into the Toronto market by the Vancouver-based Cupcakes chain. Most people would probably recognize the brand for its W Network series The Cupcake Girls,...

Bread Stuff Bakery / Bread

2885 Bayview Ave 416.733.2885 Website
Bread Stuff Bakery

Bread Stuff Bakery feels like a rustic country bake shop, despite its location on the ground floor of a busy North York condo. At the corner of Sheppard and Bayview,...

ps by Pretty Sweet / Cakes, Pies And Cookies

848 King Street West 647.352.3318 Website
ps by Pretty Sweet

ps by Pretty Sweet is a bit hard to find--those expecting a typical boxy storefront will be surprised by its location in a walk-up house, with the trio of simple...

Nu Bugel / Bagels

240 Augusta Ave. 647.748.4488 Website
Nu Bugel

Nu Bugel opened its doors this week after months of delays, finally bringing one of my favourite breakfast foods to Kensington Market. Admittedly, I am a bit of a bagel...

The Red Bench / Cakes, Pies And Cookies

611 Yonge Street 647.748.4868 Website
The Red Bench

The Red Bench is a new Yonge and Wellesley hybrid operation. It's a self-serve frozen yogurt shop, a loose leaf tea cafe, but front and centre is The Red Bench's...

Robyn's Cookies / Cakes, Pies And Cookies

3215 Yonge St. 416.489.8497 Website
Robyn's Cookies

Robyn's Cookies is a cozy bakery just north of Lawrence on Yonge, hidden from the street and only accessible by way of a side street (Ranleigh), or for the adventurous,...

Bite Me Bakery / Cupcakes

1034 St. Clair Avenue West 416.651.2253 Website
Bite Me Bakery

Bite Me Bakery pegs itself as "Toronto's first cupcake shop with attitude." "That's not to say we're like the Soup Nazi or anything," says Dayna Richardson, the woman behind the...

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Recent Comments

  • Bake Them Pretty Love the cupcakes here. Wasn't too fond of macarons before but when I tried them here, I instantly fell in love. The cashier was a cutie too.
  • Home This is the best bakery in the city!! I am so glad it opened in the area and look forward to coming in more often. I ordered the carrot cake for...
  • Bakerbots Z that was totally uncalled for. I too came here to get reviews and appreciated the good and bad comments. People see things differently even if some of the comments...
  • Bakerbots The costumers in Toronto suck big time! WOW! Seriously i came here for helpful reviews about the products and all you hear is crap like "oh, she didn't smile" or...
  • Dlish (Yorkville) Not into cakes or cupcakes but my partner bought me a couple and I was pleasantly surprised a cupcake could taste that good.
  • Almond Butterfly I went to Almond Butterfly today and bought the two muffins they featured (after tasting the samples): orange cranberry and mixed berry. I also bought a slice of banana walnut...
  • Home I love this place!!! I discovered it a couple weeks ago and have been back many times. The circus cookie is so bright and lovely, the carrot cake and tarts...
  • Bake Them Pretty this place is great, will come back soon!
  • Bake Them Pretty Lovely! Just went here on my lunch after reading this review and the macarons are heavenly! The clerk is a doll too.
  • Home How is Sud Forno involved in this at all? Just an ex-baker from there. The headline article of the lead in to this is really misleading!
  • Home Was hoping this place would be my own little secret for a little while longer!! Amazing everything.
  • Home Finally a 10pm Ice SCREAM joint .. with cookies!
  • Home So delicious and such a comfortable, cozy environment!!
  • Home Yay!!!!! Hope the ice cream sandwich lineup will be less insane that the Delaware Bakerbots location...glad they're doing so well.
  • Home Wonderful staff, amazing butter tarts and to die for ice cream sandwiches!!!
  • Home Butter!! Yeah!! Finally a bakery that doesn't cheap out and use veg oil under the virtuous guise of being "vegan". There is no comparison to baking done with butter and...
  • Home Looks really good but not opening until 2:00? that seems odd. At the very least should they not open at noon for the lunch crowd?
  • Home We love our new neighbours! The shop is so pretty and bright, and it's so lovely to take a break in between teaching classes to grab some of Home's AMAZING...
  • Tia's Bakery I miss Tia's when it was back in Guelph. This article failed to mention that Tia had a retail business in Guelph before her wholesale business in Cambridge. The facts...
  • World Class Bakers Went there to inquire a baby reveal cake...came into a greeting of "Washrooms are for customers only" (during salsa on st clair) so I chalked it up to them being...
  • She Takes The Cake Any news?
  • Almond Butterfly 1960 USDA Film Admits Scientists “Fixed the Glutens in Flour” Check out the video, especially 3 minutes in.
  • Baker and Scone There are several places in Toronto that sell the Devon cream along with many, many other wonderful British Goods. You might try Nestle's thick cream in the tin found...
  • Almond Butterfly What is that weird frothy "creme" that bakeries insist on swirling a kilo of on top of the ubiquitous greasy little cupcakes? It never seems to dry out and always...
  • Tia's Bakery God give me strength. When will this second decade of the 21st century fad of gluten-free come crashing down in the same way previous food fads have for generations. Remember...
  • Almond Butterfly A couple of Fridays ago I was lucky enough to enjoy a slice of their chocolate cake with chocolate icing and I dream about it still. OMG the icing...
  • Michidean Limited The patties are sold at a place called vineyard jamaican restaurant in brampton its on cotrelle bld right off highway 50
  • Ice 'n Cake Nice place and great selections. However, I will agree that it is a bit pricey compared to the competition for gelato, crepes or cakes. I've been 3 times now and...
  • Almond Butterfly you are lucky that you can eat gluten, for people who can't it is a welcome treat, so don't bad mouth anything, if you are not educated on food allgergies
  • The Rolling Pin Everything is made on site! Which is actually incredible... The pies, cupcakes, donuts, sandwiches, bars, cakes and tarts are all freshly made in the morning! I heard that one of the...

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