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Uncle Tetsu's Matcha Cafe / Cakes, Pies And Cookies

596 Bay St. 647.941.1806 Website
Uncle Tetsu's Matcha Cafe

Uncle Tetsu's Matcha Cafe can be found right next to the original Toronto location of its popular Japanese cheesecake shop. This matcha cafe is its first ever incarnation in the...

Maman / Pastries

100 King St. West 647.879.3642 Website

Maman is a bakery cafe on the mezzanine of First Canadian Place that occupies an enclosed space in the upper level food court. The bakery is the second of its...

Patchmon's Thai Desserts / Cakes, Pies And Cookies

2463 Bloor St. West 647.882.5250 Website
Patchmon's Thai Desserts

Patchmon's Thai Desserts & More can be found in Bloor West Village in the small space that was formerly the short-lived Ooh Waffles on Bloor St. W. by Jane St....

Life is Sweet / Cupcakes

2345 Queen Street East 416.698.0555 Website
Life is Sweet

Life is Sweet is more than a cupcake house. Open since 2007 as a staple in the Beaches, owner Clair Sutton has made her shop reminiscent of a cozy cottage...

Tripl3 Baked / Cupcakes

2711 Bur Oak Ave. Markham 289.554.2253 Website
Tripl3 Baked

Tripl3 Baked is a bakery in Markham that's been making waves for its delectable cupcakes, cakes and other confections. This place was opened in July 2014 by three long-time friends...

Viking Bakery / Pastries

2207 Danforth Ave. 647.972.1401
Viking Bakery

Viking Bakery might be Toronto's first bake shop devoted entirely to Icelandic treats. Though many Torontonians might not be familiar with delicacies like vinarterta and kransa kaka, that hasn't stopped...

Uncle Tetsu / Cakes, Pies And Cookies

598 Bay Street 647.941.1806 Website
Uncle Tetsu

Uncle Tetsu Japanese Cheesecake opened its first "mini sweets factory" outside of Asia on Bay just north of Dundas three weeks ago, and like its counterparts in Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai...

Sleepy Baker / Cakes, Pies And Cookies

7 Coxwell Ave. 647.343.9100 Website
Sleepy Baker

Sleepy Baker at Queen and Coxwell is a true mom-and-pop shop (actually, it's technically a mom-pop-daughter-husband shop). Co-owners Tina and Chris, a married couple, are at the helm of the...

Nadege Patisserie (PATH) / Pastries

120 Adelaide St. West 416.350.2014 Website
Nadege Patisserie (PATH)

Nadege in the PATH is bringing the patisserie's delicate pastries and Parisian-inspired lunches to the downtown office crowd. Expanding past Queen St. and Rosedale to the Financial District wasn't already...

Roselle Desserts / Pastries

362 King St. East 416.368.8188 Website
Roselle Desserts

Roselle Desserts is a pastry shop born from a love story. Co-owners Stephanie Duong and Bruce Lee first met at George Brown College; he was in culinary arts, she was...

Meli Baklava & Chocolate Bar / Pastries

238 Queen St. West 647.344.6354 Website
Meli Baklava & Chocolate Bar

Meli Baklava & Chocolate Bar opened in mid-December inside the Queen Live Fresh Food Market by Queen and John, taking over the space previously occupied by the bubble tea stand...

Petal Dust Bake Shop / Cakes, Pies And Cookies

9301 Bathurst St., Richmond Hill 905.237.6233 Website
Petal Dust Bake Shop

Petal Dust Bake Shop is bringing fine confections to the Richmond Hill area. Having always dreamt of opening a retail store, Laurie Waldman found a passion for baking during a...

Duo Patisserie / Pastries

230 Commerce Valley Dr. E Markham 905.763.2232 Website
Duo Patisserie

Duo Patisserie is a unique concept for the Richmond Hill/Markham area. While traditional Chinese bakeries are rampant here, one may have a hard time finding French-inspired desserts. Duo fills this...

Sweet Note Desserts / Chinese Bakery

505 Highway 7, Markham Ontario 905.877.9338 Website
Sweet Note Desserts

Sweet Note Desserts may be the only place in Markham where one can feast on a proper soufflé. This bakery is taking French desserts and turning them on their heads...

The Pursuit of Frosting / Cupcakes

866 Eglinton Ave. West 647.531.7504 Website
The Pursuit of Frosting

The Pursuit of Frosting sprung out of owner Savera Hashmi's long-standing love affair with baking. Early experimentation took place on Pretty Sweet, her mobile cupcakery (translation: a food truck) and...

Sweet Bliss / Cupcakes

1304 Queen Street East 416.916.7895 Website
Sweet Bliss

Sweet Bliss Bakery opened in 2006, ahead of the cupcake craze that exploded in Toronto and before a boom of bakeries hit Leslieville and Riverside, some of which are still...

Shirini Sara Pastry House / Pastries

1875 Leslie St. Unit #6 416.510.1050 Website
Shirini Sara Pastry House

Shirini Sara has been serving Toronto's Iranian community - and in-the-know dessert lovers in general - for over 20 years. Selling exquisite Persian cookies and French pastries, husband-and-wife owners/bakers Nader...

Bobbette & Belle (Yonge St.) / Cakes, Pies And Cookies

3347 Yonge St. 416.466.8800 Website
Bobbette & Belle (Yonge St.)

Bobbette & Belle on Yonge is the brand-new uptown offshoot of a Leslieville patisserie equally beloved for their ornate wedding cakes as they are for their deliciously down-to-earth baked goods. After...

The Tempered Room / Pastries

1374 Queen St. West 416.546.4374 Website
The Tempered Room

The Tempered Room is a new patisserie in Parkdale that opened last month beside Bacchus Roti Shop. Taking over the space that used to be Brown Sugar Bakery, Paris-born owner...

Bake Shoppe / Cakes, Pies And Cookies

859 College St. 416.916.2253 Website
Bake Shoppe

Bake Shoppe is the newest embodiment of the Wedding Cake Shoppe, a bakery cafe at College and Ossington that had sold delicious cupcakes and custom cakes for the past five...

Tartistry / Pastries

1252 The Queensway 647.748.1818 Website

Tartistry is a sweet little spot on Kipling in Etobicoke that's truly one-of-a-kind. For starters, there's their menu of flavoured butter tarts, which owner/baker Michele Roberts dishes out in several...

Petit Nuage / Pastries

707 Dundas St. West 416.902.5632 Website
Petit Nuage

Petite Nuage moved into one of those cute blue shipping containers on Dundas and filled it with equally sweet things. The most prominent are the macarons and crème puffs, but...

Bloomer's / Cakes, Pies And Cookies

873 Bloor St. West 416.551.0532 Website

Bloomer's is Toronto's newest addition to an ever-growing crop of bakeries catering to local vegans. Owners Kelly Sprague and Alex Dodd first cultivated their talents at Live Food Bar on...

Beaches Bake Shop / Cakes, Pies And Cookies

900 Kingston Road 416.686.2391 Website
Beaches Bake Shop

Beaches Bakeshop is the place to go if you're craving a taste of Sweden (beyond the mass-produced offerings of IKEA). This charming Upper Beaches spot has been around since 2008,...

Don't Call Me Cupcake / Cupcakes

160 Baldwin St. 647.760.3262 Website
Don't Call Me Cupcake

Don't Call Me Cupcake opened earlier this summer in Kensington Market and has been receiving a steady stream of foot traffic ever since from those curious as to what the...

Wiseys Pies and Bakehouse / Cakes, Pies And Cookies

874 Eglinton Ave. East 416.423.9473 Website
Wiseys Pies and Bakehouse

Wiseys Pies and Bakehouse at Eglinton and Laird is one of those places that you step into and immediately want to chow down. The display case brims with sweet and...

Bake Them Pretty / Cupcakes

106 Harbord St. 647.350.2253 Website
Bake Them Pretty

Bake Them Pretty takes the total bakery count on Harbord Street up to four, having opened just a few days before Almond Butterfly a few doors down. What used to...

Home / Cakes, Pies And Cookies

1242 Bloor St. West 647.350.3400 Website

Home is a new bake shop and ice cream spot that opened in Bloordale earlier this summer. Bakerbots co-owner and Home full-owner Christopher Stopa (of "lost Radiohead song" fame) wants...

Tia's Bakery / Gluten Free

761 Pape Ave. 416.462.9777 Website
Tia's Bakery

Tia's Bakery, originally located in Cambridge, has opened a new location of their gluten-free and dairy free bakery off the Danforth, just north of the Pape subway stop. It seems cakes,...

Almond Butterfly / Gluten Free

100 Harbord St. 416.948.0225 Website
Almond Butterfly

Almond Butterfly is only about two weeks old, but it already feels like it's settled in on Harbord as a local neighbourhood staple. On the day I visit, a steady...

Bunner's Bake Shop (Kensington Market) / Gluten Free

244 Augusta Ave. 647.350.2975 Website
Bunner's Bake Shop (Kensington Market)

Bunner's Bake Shop has opened a new location in Kensington Market that I'm guessing is going to be more popular than the original in the Junction. There's something about Bunner's...

The Rolling Pin / Doughnuts

3429 Yonge St. 416.691.4554 Website
The Rolling Pin

The Rolling Pin has taking over the former Espresso Room cafe (that didn't even last a year) - maybe a '50s themed bakery will draw more of a crowd. It...

Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery / Cakes, Pies And Cookies

93 Ossington Ave.
Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery

Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery is an offshoot of the notoriously fabulous Bakerbots bakery. The new digs don't have the cute touches of Bakerbots, but the vaulted ceiling, white...

Sweet Serendipity / Cupcakes

1335 Danforth Ave. 416.837.3254 Website
Sweet Serendipity

Sweet Serendipity opened its doors on Danforth East just a few weeks ago, and is already cheering up the neighbourhood with its treats. The small shop has just two tables...

Baker and Scone / Pastries

693 St. Clair Ave. West 416.657.2663 Website
Baker and Scone

Baker and Scone is one of the newest faces on St. Clair Ave. Owner Sandra Katsiou brings her love of scones to the new bakery, specializing in that quick bread...

BakeryHaus / Pastries

238 Queen St. West 416.835.3181 Website

BakeryHaus is located in the Queen Street Market, across from the CHUM building. You know the one - it's always half empty or under construction, with a handful of 'upscale'...

Blackbird Baking Co. / Bread

172 Baldwin St. 416.708.3475 Website
Blackbird Baking Co.

Blackbird Baking finally has a flagship, and it's in the heart of Kensington - a great fit for owner Simon Blackwell's rustic bakery. Housed in the former Cobs Bread location...

Phipps Bakery Cafe / Cakes, Pies And Cookies

420 Eglinton West 416.481.9111 Website
Phipps Bakery Cafe

Phipps Bakery Cafe lets whimsy reign. The Eglinton Ave. bakery bubbles over with a kind of frothy enthusiasm, from its curlicue-rod iron-front doors and French-style awning to the big baskets...

Sugary Swirls / Cupcakes

1087 Bathurst St. 416.303.3183 Website
Sugary Swirls

Sugary Swirls, a new bakery on Bathurst, is the realization of owner Sonia Esteves' long-held dream of running a bakeshop. After a life-changing experience with breast cancer, Esteves finally decided...

Lamanna's Bakery / Pastries

6758 Kingston Rd. 416.287.2020 Website
Lamanna's Bakery

Lamanna's Bakery may be on Toronto's eastern edge (401 and Kingston Road), but it's easily one of the most authentic Italian bakeries the city has to offer. Bakery may be a...

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Recent Comments

  • Cliffside Hearth Bread Company Items are good but very very expensive and must be eaten same day day bread is hard as a rock...
  • Nadege Patisserie to owner: vary your fake comments a little
  • Uncle Tetsu's Matcha Cafe I've a feeling that they don't know how the taxation works here so that's why they still charge HST for house made items (even there are 6+ in a single...
  • Patchmon's Thai Desserts I wonder if there's a two-tiered pricing system here too? - half price for Thais, double the price for farangs - just like in Thailand?
  • Columbus Bakery Me gustaria saber si puedo hacer un pedido para Ottawa y cuanto costaria Gracias por recordarme mi tierrita!!!
  • Lamanna's Bakery Love your food. It's so delicious. But you have a real customer service problem in that customers can't reach you by phone with a question. Once...
  • Uncle Tetsu's Matcha Cafe That's a really tricky question. I used to work in a bakery and the rule that 6 or more is no tax applies only to our in store baked products,...
  • Uncle Tetsu's Matcha Cafe The stuff you say in EVERY and ANY Japanese related article makes me so angry. Why is there such a huge community in BlogTo that mocks Chinese people so much?...
  • Uncle Tetsu's Matcha Cafe People still are uneducated about the word 'oriental' in this age? You already got Chinese in there, why put in that slur after? Do you know what it means?
  • J'Adore Cakes Hi Ilove baking Do you have any classes but i cant speak english. Dou you have anyteacher speak farsi.
  • Jelly Modern Doughnuts Would love to see Jelly Modern have an easier to carry takeout container. A giant box is hard to maneuver sometimes on the TTC. Also offer 6 donuts as...
  • North Pole Bakery Hurrah! At last I got a website from where I can actually obtain valuable facts regarding my study and knowledge.
  • Uncle Tetsu's Matcha Cafe I don't care how many chinese oriental girls line up for these things from Japan but these were tasteless NO TASTE
  • Weston Bakeries Surplus Factory Outlet I worked at a chocolate factory and a fish company.I would like to know if you are hiring
  • Uncle Tetsu So funny that a Chinese woman wrote this.. they just cannot attach themselves to Japan, ramen, sushi whatever enough Keep eating at AYCE kiddies
  • Rustic Bakery Love the bakery; love the food. Just wish I didn't feel so intimidated walking in with all the men (age 55 plus) leering at the women walking in, while...
  • It's The Icing on the Cake Thank you for another amazing cake. This was the 3rd cake I've ordered and every one has exceeded my expectations. Lynda was extremely helpful with modifications...
  • Uncle Tetsu's Matcha Cafe A fool and his money are soon parted... 20 pylons for a tiny lineup LOL
  • Cupcakes Leaside I opted to split the chocolate caramel cupcake with a friend, and we were both impressed by it--it tasted fresh, with a soft, moist crumb and a good balance of...
  • Epi Breads Actually, not sure how anyone has ever received any semblance of appropriate service at this place. I gave it a couple of tries but too many options in this city...
  • Uncle Tetsu's Matcha Cafe we are always in line for anything Japanese ramen, real sushi, uncle tetsu, you know where to find us ;-)
  • Viking Bakery Hvar ertu i toronto. Eg bý i Hamilton og ætla að koma i bakaríið þitt.
  • Epi Breads I go to Epi weekly and never experienced bad service, the front staff even know my name. Love everything Miche bread is my favourite, croissants are fabulous
  • Uncle Tetsu's Matcha Cafe So happy to see the Matcha Movement growing our home town. The problem, as the article mentions, is that a lot of cafes are adding tons sugar and milk /lactose...
  • Epi Breads The food is good. The service is HORRENDOUS. I have given Epi so many opportunities to redeem themselves because my partner loves their sandwiches but I can no longer put...
  • Bake Shoppe Horrible dry cake. Skimpy and cheap on the filling. Emailed the owner privately and indicated we weren't happy with the cake and explained why. Ended up getting a response lecture...
  • Maman Checked this place out. The location is a little hard to find if you don't know where you're going: it's at the far western side of the upstairs food court...
  • Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery Hey dude, I'll try and not be too rude here, but truth is running a small quality business is not an easy thing to do, and I can personally...
  • Uncle Tetsu's Matcha Cafe I don't know about anybody else but to put the words shit together with ice cream doesn't sound appealing to me. Oh there I go again just lost the craving...
  • Uncle Tetsu's Matcha Cafe No I didn't get the buy 3 get 1 free deal (I guess they no longer offer it), so I paid full price of 8 plus HST. Tax wasn't...

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