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Flight with 164 passengers returns to Toronto after 'control issues' with plane

An Air Canada Rouge flight was forced to land back at Toronto Pearson International Airport less than an hour after takeoff this month once pilots noted a "flight control issue." 

According to a reconstruction video created by aviation YouTube channel, You can see ATC, the Airbus A320 was operating flight ROU1662 from Toronto to Southwest Florida International Airport. 

The flight took off on April 12 at 8:17 a.m. and began experiencing issues shortly after departure. "We're just dealing with a little issue here," the pilot informs air traffic controllers as the aircraft stops its climb at 7,000 feet. 

"We are dealing with a flight control issue right now. So we are PAN-PAN, PAN-PAN, PAN-PAN for now. And if you could keep us in the area. And most likely, we are gonna plan to come back to Toronto," the pilot continues. 

PAN-PAN is a term used in radiotelephone communications to signify urgency on board a boat, ship, aircraft, or other vehicle, and is most often used in cases where there is not an immediate danger to a person's life. 

"It'll be a long landing. Probably at the end is where we're gonna meet the safety vehicles. It's a flap control issue. We've got no flaps. So we plan to stop, and no hydraulic issue," the pilot tells air traffic controllers. 

As seen in the video, the aircraft laps around multiple times just north of Pearson Airport as it prepares for landing. 

Thankfully, the flight landed without further incident at 9:14 a.m. Emergency vehicles met the aircraft on the runway, and just eight minutes later, it continued to taxi to the gate.

Many commenters under the video praised the pilot and air traffic controllers for their calm communication and ability to sort out the issue efficiently. 

"Can't help but notice that both and departure and arrival controllers don't immediately overload the pilot with questions, but gives him a chance to diagnose the issue and grants him maximum autonomy," one comment reads. "Well done." 

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Jack Landau

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