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Helpless Air Canada passenger spots her bag on the tarmac during take-off

An Air Canada passenger has gone viral after she shared the stressful moment she noticed her suitcase was left behind on the tarmac just as her flight was about to take off.

Hannah McCormick, a travel nurse based in BC, posted a now-viral TikTok that shows her plane getting ready to depart as it drives past her bag.

"When your plane is literally taking off and you see JUST your suitcase left behind," says the caption on the video.

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McCormick told us that she was on a flight travelling from Vancouver to Nanaimo on April 9 when she looked out the window and panic set in.

"I literally was looking out the window going 'Oh my gosh that's my bag,'" she said.

"I was so unsure of what to do because I knew the plane was already on its way to take off so I felt like there was nothing I could do."

Once she landed in Nanaimo, she went to the Air Canada desk and "started crying."

The situation was extra stressful for McCormick because she was leaving a nursing placement in Kelowna to start a new contract in Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island. She explained that "all [her] work things" were in the bag.

McCormick spoke to the Air Canada attendant about the situation and they made an urgent request to put the suitcase on the next flight.

Luckily, it all worked out for McCormick and she got her luggage back the same day.

She posted a follow-up TikTok explaining that she was in contact with an Air Canada employee who helped arrange its safe arrival.

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As for her now-viral video, McCormick says she's "genuinely surprised" to see how it blew up.

The video currently has five million views and is flooded with comments.

"I'd be so frustrated and sobbing bad," said one sympathetic commenter.

"This would destroy me," added another.

"I would've gotten up and yelled STOP THE PLANE," stated someone else.

McCormick explained that she initially sent the video to a few friends.

"I thought the situation was funny looking back and only recorded it as proof to show to Air Canada," she said.

Air Canada said in a statement that although its "baggage delivery rate is in the high 90 per cent range, unfortunately, it does occur that bags are sometimes delayed."

"In this case, we regret the customer's baggage was delayed but it was delivered after her flight."

Air Canada advises all customers to attach a name tag with contact information to their baggage and insert their contact information inside the bag in case the outer tag detaches.

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