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Fed-up Air Canada customers blast the airline on social media

Air Canada's social media team has their work cut out for them when it comes to managing the company's comments section.

A recent Instagram post with a caption as innocuous as "Good morning/Bon matin" now has over 140 comments as of April 10, many of which are from irate customers frustrated with the airline's customer service.

In between comments from followers politely greeting the airline right back are comments from people demanding refunds and the return of their lost luggage.

"Nooo not a good morning!!! You better search for suitcase[s] you lost instead of posting pictures!" typed one commenter.

"The worst airline ever!" stated one commenter. "Zero customer service. I cannot believe you can get away with treating customers like this!! No one answers the phones. You do not allow Air Canada personnel to do anything, which tells me it's done purposely so you can screw paying customers over by never having accountability."

Someone else stated that they require medical equipment while travelling and claimed that they faced harassment from staff who refused to store their bag in the cabin.

"They took my passport and wouldn't give it back right away when they should have, as I refused to hand over my bag," claimed the customer. "They then started mocking and belittling me."

And they're not the only ones to experience similar issues with Air Canada.

In March, Toronto-based photographer and disability activist Maayan Ziv posted a TikTok video about dealing with "argumentative" staff who refused to store her wheelchair in the plane closet.

In response, Air Canada stated that airplane regulations vary when it comes to storage depending on the size of the aircraft. In December, the airline damaged her wheelchair "beyond repair" when employees dropped it 20 feet onto the tarmac.

Other commenters simply want answers regarding missing luggage.

"Where is everyone's suitcase????" someone asked.

Others stated that they were just trying to reach customer service.

"They never answer the phone," said one customer. "There's no way to communicate with you."

Another person was simply fed up with waiting to speak to someone.

"I've been on hold for two hours. I hate you," they stated.

Considering the major pay increase Air Canada's CEO received in 2022, the angry commenters may get a little angrier.

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