Air Canada lost baggage

People who lost baggage on Air Canada being told by police to contact TikTok influencer

It's been a chaotic year for Pearson International Airport as they struggle to get back on track post-pandemic, from major holiday travel chaos to ongoing claims of missing baggage with little to no help from the airlines or authorities.

Nakita Rees, whose TikTok series of Air Canada allegedly donating her husband's luggage went viral, now says that people in similar situations are being told to refer to her TikToks instead of being helped.

In her latest video, Rees says "More people filing reports with Toronto police about their 'lost' luggage being in the storage facility. And their response... TO CONTACT ME!!!!!!"

"Didn't know I was a detective working for Toronto police? DO BETTER!!!!," she quips in the TikTok.

The couple had an AirTag in the suitcase throughout the entire ordeal and were able to track it directly to a storage facility, where it sat for months with no movement or follow up from Air Canada, despite Nakita and her husband Tom's countless attempts to retrieve it.

They proceeded to get the police involved, where at the storage facility they found over 500 other pieces of luggage in the facility, with some bags containing iPhones, laptops, iPads, and more AirTags.

Upon learning this, Rees shared her story online which made national headlines, and escalated the issues to Air Canada's top executives and managers of baggage at Pearson.

Miraculously, Rees was soon contacted by a third party baggage handler, who claimed they found their suitcase within 24 hours and were able to return their bag.

Unfortunately, others haven't been so lucky, especially those without an AirTag providing the ability to track their luggage.

Some have reached out to the Toronto Police after seeing Rees' TikTok, under the assumption their bags may have landed in the same storage facility. Many were met with an unhelpful response.

Rees told me a lady contacted her after the police would not help, saying “[The police said] there is a story out there of someone in a similar situation and that we should try and use the same approach of social media.”

Rees says it's crazy, and cannot understand why they can't help in this situation. To date, she has yet to hear back from Air Canada on her own missing luggage saga and the headache they caused.

"Air Canada has provided absolutely no comment. I have no heard a peep from them. Nothing at all," she told me.

"I have emailed one of the managers of the baggage in terminal 1 at Pearson, we got his info directly from him because we went to speak with him twice over this whole matter - have not heard back yet."

For anyone in a similar situation, Rees encourages those to keep pushing by speaking up and emailing airline executives, saying they will not change or do anything unless people keep spreading the word.

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