Albion Falls Hamilton

Albion Falls in Hamilton might be the prettiest waterfall in the Toronto area

Albion Falls is a stunning stepped cascade in Hamilton, and might hold the crown as the region's prettiest waterfall.

That's an impressive title, since the City of Waterfalls has over 150 different waterfalls within the city.

What sets Albion Falls above the rest is its rippling textured look due to the tiered rocks below, which formed over time into steps and shelves carved by the flowing Red Hill Creek.

Albion Falls

Albion Falls has a noticeable "stepped" appearance, after years of flowing water carving out steps in the rock below.

Albion Falls is almost as wide as it is tall, measuring 18 metres by 19 metres. There are two platforms where visitors can view its beauty from either direction.

Albion Falls

There are several connected hiking trails near the falls with beautiful views of the flowing cascade and creek.

While access to the falls is restricted and fenced off, you can follow a trail for a leisurely hike around the falls, with several opportunities to view the cascade from various angles.

Following the Mountain Brow Side Trail, you'll come to a couple of lookout points along the 3.7 km loop trail. The trail will lead you along the creek, with pretty views of the flowing water.

Albion Falls

The creek flows through a forested ravine which provides hikers with a serene escape.

You can also connect to the Bruce Trail into the Red Hill Valley, which brings you to Glendale Falls.

The trail is considered a moderate path, and you'll certainly get a workout. Also be sure to wear appropriate footwear and be wary of the mud, particularly on the aptly-named Mud Street path.

Albion Falls

The Red Hill Creek flows 7 km north-east from Albion Falls on the Niagara Escarpment.

Occasionally, the city of Hamilton will illuminate Albion Falls in honour of various events or holidays.

If you plan to visit, there are several free parking lots near the falls. The closest is located at 750 Mountain Brow Blvd. Entry to Albion Falls is free, and can be accessed all year round.

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Meg Cossmann

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