Limehouse Conservation Area

Limehouse conservation area in Ontario has old stone ruins and caves you can explore

Winter is a stunning time of year in Ontario, and Limehouse Conservation Area might be one of the coolest escapes into nature you can take this season. 

With the most accessible caves in southern Ontario, lush forests, historic mill ruins and lime kilns to explore, Limehouse has so much to do and see.

Located one hour from Toronto, this conservation area in Halton Hills is open year-round. There are three main trails ranging from easy to difficult.

The Bruce Trail is 1.9 km and is the fastest route to check out the limestone kilns, old powder house, and the "Hole in the Wall". This fissure in the escarpment was created when the limestone rocks dissolved, forming an underground sinkhole. You can scale down a ladder to explore the crevices.

You'll also come across an old stone bridge, one of the most photographed features of the area. 

Not far from the limestone bridge are the remains of an old historic mill. The trail will eventually go past a large old lime kiln and a powder house, which used to provide storage for the blasting powder that was used to break up the larger chunks of limestone.

The blend of historical ruins, scenic trails, natural caves and escarpment landscapes to explore make Limehouse Conservation Area an incredible day trip to see in the winter. It is open for daytime use year-round, with no entry fee.

Due note that this trail is affected by seasonal trail closures due to unsafe winter conditions. The trail closure affects the section of the Bruce Trial between the parking lot link trial and the Hole in the Wall and will remain so until the end of winter. 

Lead photo by

Alex Luyckx

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