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Here are all the countries Canadians are charged to visit

It looks like 2023 will be a big year for travel as regulations lift around the globe.

But before you pack your bags and board that plane, it might be helpful to know if you’ll encounter extra costs at your final destination.

Many countries require an extra fee, or a “tourist tax,” for entering foreigners, whether it’s a visa waiver system for security purposes or a tax that helps maintain tourism infrastructure in that country.

Travel expenses can add up, so here are ALL of the countries where Canadians are charged extra fees to visit.

Austria charges tourists an overnight accommodation tax depending on which province you’re staying in.

The tourist tax, also known as Tourismusgesetz and Berherbergungsbeiträge, costs around an extra 3.02% on a hotel bill per person in Vienna or Salzburg, according to Euronews.


Every city, town and municipality in Belgium is free to charge its own tourist tax for all people who aren’t residents of the country (including Belgians who don’t reside there), according to Belgium Travel Info.

The extra fee is included in your hotel bill. Each city can charge their own prices, but it ranges from approximately 2 to 3 (CAD$4.00).


Bhutan doles out the most expensive tourist tax by far. The kingdom reopened to tourists last September after shutting down due to COVID-19.

It used to charge a daily fee of US$200 to $250 (CAD$266 to $333) for an all-inclusive package including accommodations, food, transportation and tour guide costs, reported CNBC.

Now tourists are charged a US$200 Sustainable Development Fee, which doesn’t include extra costs like food, accommodations and transportation.


Bulgaria charges its tourist tax on overnight stays. The Ministry of Finance says the fee can range from BGN 0.20 to 3.00 (CAD$0.15 to $2.22). A small price to pay to visit a beautiful country!

Caribbean Islands

Many Caribbean Islands impose a tourist tax — Barbados, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Bonaire, and the Bahamas.

Depending on the island, the fees can be applied to entry, departure, and accommodations. It ranges from US$15 (CAD$20) in the Bahamas to US$75 (CAD$100) in Bonaire.


Croatia applies a tourist tax on overnight stays. The amount depends on where in Croatia you’re staying and when you’re visiting.

Adults pay around €1 (CAD$1.45) a day, while those 12 to 18 years old pay half that cost. Children younger than 12 aren’t charged a fee.

Czech Republic

The country’s capital city, Prague, is the only place that charges a tourist tax.

The fee is charged per person for each night spent in accommodation in Prague for up to 60 days, according to Prague Morning.

European Union

The launch date for the European Union’s (EU) new visa waiver system, called the European Travel Information Authorization System (ETIAS), is getting closer.

It was created to track visitors from the 63 countries that are not part of the EU but can enter without needing a visa, mainly for security purposes.

The system is expected to be in full effect by November 1, 2023.

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France’s tourist tax rate depends on the city you’re staying in and how many stars your hotel or rental is.

It varies from €0.20 (CAD$0.30) for 1- and 2-star campsites to €4(CAD$5.80) for palaces per person and per night.

If you’re staying in Paris, the city applies an additional legal tax of 25% to that price.


In cities like Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Berlin, tourists have to pay a “culture tax” (kulturförderabgabe) and a “bed tax” (bettensteuer).

It fee is about 5% of your hotel bill, according to Euronews.


Tourists visiting Greece will have to pay a tax on their accommodation on arrival.

The fee can be up to €4(CAD$5.80) per night, depending on the number of hotel stars or rooms you’re staying in.


According to Euronews, the tourist tax is only applied in Budapest, Hungary’s capital city.

Visitors need to pay an extra 4% every night based on the price of their accommodation.


Extra fees in Indonesia are only applied in the tourist hotspot of Bali.

CNN reported that foreigners have to pay a CAD$13 fee upon leaving the country (AKA a departure tax).


One of the country’s most popular tourist attractions is about to introduce a visitor fee.

Starting January 16 this year, people travelling to Venice must buy a ticket to enter.

The price ranges from €3 (CAD$4.00) on quiet days and €10 (CAD$14.50) on busy days, according to Lonely Planet.

Venice’s councillor for tourism, Simone Venturini, said it would help the Italian city tackle its over-tourism problem.


Those visiting Japan have to pay a 1,000 yen (CAD$10) departure tax.

The government says this is used to help “expand and enhance” the country’s tourism infrastructure.


Malaysia charges tourists a flat rate of around CAD$5.80 a night.

New Zealand

Tourists, some students, and people on working holidays must pay an International Visitor Conversation and Tourism Levy (IVL) in New Zealand.

It costs NZD $35 (CAD$30).

The Netherlands

The Netherlands’ tourist tax is applied to accommodations. The price depends on the type of accommodation (hotels, campsites, bed and breakfasts).

It ranges from €1 (CAD$1.45) and an extra 7% on your bill for campsites to €3 (CAD$4.00) and an additional 7% on your hotel bill.


Portugal’s tourist tax is applied to overnight stays in many Portuguese cities.

The fee ranges from €1 (CAD$1.45) and €2 (CAD$2.90) per person per night. It’s added to your hotel bill.


Travellers visiting cities like Ljubljana in Slovenia need to pay a €3.13 (CAD$4.54) tourist tax.


You can expect to pay a tourist tax in cities like Barcelona, Valencia, Mallorca and Ibiza.

The price depends on your accommodations and ranges from €0.50 (CAD$0.70) to €4(CAD$5.80) per night.


Switzerland applies a tourist tax to stays under 40 days. Varying depending on location, it costs around €2.20 (CAD$3.20) per night, per person.


Senior officials announced a proposed fee of 300 baht (close to CAD$12) that would apply to all travellers who are not Thai citizens, regardless of nationality or visa type, Reuters reported last year.

The government said the cost would be used to develop tourist attractions and also help cover healthcare for uninsured travellers.

Some outlets reported its launch for April last year, while others say it could launch this year.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand confirmed with Daily Hive in an email that the tourist tax hasn’t been implemented yet.

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