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toronto flights cancelled

So many flights in Toronto have been cancelled people don't know when they can travel

Dozens of flights coming to or out of Toronto Pearson International Aiport have been impacted today as a result of an icy winter storm that's blasted most of southern Ontario.

Last minute cancellations and delays have led to lots of confusion among travellers, who now have essentially no idea when they'll be able to catch another flight amid the holiday season.

Canada's second-largest airline, WestJet, "proactively cancelled all scheduled flights arriving and departing Toronto Pearson International Aiport" due to a significant winter storm system" impacting southern Ontario.

One person claimed that despite their flight's cancellation, WestJet provided them with no email or notification about when a new flight was happening.

Another person tweeted that while they understand cancellations due to weather-related conditions, they would appreciate more information regarding rebooking options.

One other person claimed their sister received no information regarding the cancellation of their flight, including details about how to rebook.

Another person said their family members will now be stuck in Toronto for at least a week, and still haven't been rebooked.

WestJet's cancellations impact all flights coming to or out of Pearson beginning 9 a.m. on Friday until the end of the day.

"The proactive cancellations will impact 140 flights across the five airports and were made in consultation with airport authorities and NAV Canada. All impacted guests have been notified," reads a statement from the airline.

WestJet says its flights are scheduled to resume by Dec. 24 "dependent on weather conditions."

Anyone wishing to proactively cancel a trip with WestJet between now and Dec. 26 can do so and get a full refund by filling out this form.

The airline tweeted that because weather challenges are expected to continue, there is limited availability to reaccommodate due to the demand.

WestJet stated that all available reaccommodation options will be communicated via email in the event of a cancelled flight.

"We ask that you only phone our Contact Centre to make changes to confirmed reservations within the next 72 hours. If your flight has been cancelled and you are looking for a new flight option, the Contact Centre is unable to assist. Please wait for an email with your options," reads a tweet from the airline.

"Please do not go to the airport for assistance. Our airport teams are not able to support further, and any possible reaccommodation options will be the same as those you'll receive through email."

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