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Sugar Ridge retreat centre

Sugar Ridge Retreat Centre is a winter escape in Ontario to completely unplug and unwind

If you're looking for a winter escape of anything ranging from a quick weekend immersed in nature to a week-long reset of silent meditation, Sugar Ridge Retreat Centre might have just what you need.

Located in Wyebridge near Midland, Sugar Ridge sits on 150 acres of maple and cedar forests with lush meadows, surrounded by 3000 acres of provincial land. 

The centre offers a myriad of retreat types year-round which vary in duration and activities, and provides plant-based meals and cozy accommodations for guests (and their pets).

Sugar Ridge was founded by certified yoga instructor Liz Frost, who left her job as a chartered accountant in downtown Toronto in pursuit of her "other life"; one that embodies daily mindfulness and sharing such a space with others looking to reconnect with themselves.

At the centre, 25 km of trails are accessible to hike, snowshoe, and ski, or you can stay cozy indoors and practice yoga, curl up by a fireplace in the lounge, or get a massage.

If you're wondering what a silent retreat entails like I was, Liz describes it as "the setting of return to yourself" in a spiritual and peaceful environment.

"With the silence comes clarity of thought, concentration and insights into motivation and attention.  Without distractions of communication, electronics and media you can focus on your own thoughts, become more self-aware and grow a little more."

For those interested in a week of detox, they also offer raw food or juice cleanse retreats, where they also teach you healthier habits including classes on how to prepare whole vegetable juices, smoothies and nutritious soups with food each day.

With our busy lifestyles back to almost normal post-pandemic, sometimes it's a great idea to take a little breather and reset.

What better place to do it than surrounded by nature and healthy practices?

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Sugar Ridge Retreat

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