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Someone visited Niagara Falls and couldn't believe how tacky it is

Oh, Clifton Hill. The only street in Canada where you'll find a burger-eating Frankenstein atop a Burger King, a 175-foot tall ferris wheel, and multiple gaudy haunted houses all on the same street. 

For some, the popular tourist destination has become increasingly tacky and over-commercialized over the past few years, and for others, it's the site of their beloved childhood nostalgia. 

One person recently visited the kid-friendly tourist trap, and was amused by how tacky it has become. 

The tweet, which reads, "I'm screaming why is Niagara likes this how did this happen," has amassed over 20K likes at the time of writing, and provoked lots of humurous reactions. 

The bustling hill's tacky appearance sticks out like a sore thumb especially when it's situated next to the natural beauty of the Niagara Falls. 

While most people agreed that the busy strip has become increasingly tacky over the years, others referred to the area as a "cultural landmark." 

Another person encouraged others not to mock the cultural enclave, and pointed out that it's the only place in the province that you'll find a Chili's.

One person noted that although many of the haunted houses are tacky in appearance, they're actually really scary. 

Another person claimed that the tackiness of the street is nothing new, and that it's been like this for as long as they can remember. 

One person came to the defense of the tourist destination, claiming that it's the perfect activity for kids after visiting the falls. 

Whether you love it or hate it, you can't deny there's no street quite like Clifton Hill anywhere else in the country.

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