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Outrage as Toronto Pearson Airport charging $4 for water with broken fountains

It seems that even when passengers are flowing and flights are arriving and departing on schedule, Toronto Pearson International Airport just can't keep it together.

After a long absence from a, frankly, broken Toronto, journalist Shawn Micallef arrived at Pearson Airport's infamously chaotic baggage claim area on Tuesday. Like many travellers, Micallef was feeling a bit thirsty on arrival, and went on the hunt for a functioning water fountain.

Unfortunately and somewhat unsurprisingly, none of the fountains were in service. Micallef tweeted a photo with the ironic caption, "The Toronto welcome to visitors."

Though he acknowledges he didn't see the rest of the airport beyond the arrivals area, Micallef stresses that "all fountains in the baggage area, where people wait for hours, were turned off. Only water was $4."

And it would be one thing if Pearson Airport's vending machines were selling a more palatable brand of water, but being Coca-Cola-branded machines, the only H2O on offer was Dasani.

And that's just scratching the surface, as Micallef's travels through the gargantuan airport brought him past more scenes of disarray. But at least the lucrative Coke/Dasani machines seemed to be working.

These aren't experiences unique to Micallef, and the apparent lack of upkeep at Canada's busiest airport has people talking. 

blogTO reached out to the Greater Toronto Airports Authority for comment on the lack of functioning water fountains, but the agency that oversees Pearson Airport did not respond to the request by the time of publication.

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Shawn Micallef

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