Four Corners Algonquin

You can sleep in a bubble tent and watch meteor showers in an Ontario campground

If you've always dreamed of staying in one of the glass igloos of Lapland or clear domes of Alaska that are made specifically for viewing the night sky, there's an experience far closer to home that you'll want to add to your bucket list.

Four Corners Algonquin, an observatory resort just outside Algonquin Provincial Park in Whitney, Ontario, is offering different types of camping catered to those interested in taking in the stars this summer.

You can view the stellar Perseid meteor shower, one of the biggest and most popular of the year, from a special bubble tent with a transparent top. You can even get a guided viewing session from an astrophysicist.

The Perseids are best seen in remote areas far from city light pollution, making this dark, sky-friendly site about 3.5 hours from Toronto the perfect setting.

The phenomenon this year takes place from July 17 to August 24, and during its peak mid-August, campers can take part in the special expert-led workshop, gaze through telescopes and learn more about space.

You may also even catch some Northern Lights if you're lucky and come early or late enough in the season (autumn to spring is the best time to spot them).

If you'd rather rough it a bit more or go more in the glamping direction, safari tents, pole tents and bunkies are available in addition to the bubble tents, with all the equipment and amenities you might need.

There are also hiking, paddling, fishing and other daytime activities to enjoy while you wait for the stargazing hours.

The 90-acre site is also eco-friendly, net-zero and operates off the grid so you can fully immerse yourself guilt-free in nature.

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