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Paradise Lagoon is a hidden swimming hole with beautiful waterfalls in Ontario

You can find a natural lagoon in Ontario and the secret swimming hole is the perfect spot to discover in the summer.

Paradise Lagoon, also known as Blue Lagoon, is surrounded by white quartzite cliffs and rushing waterfalls creating a stunning natural oasis hidden deep in the heart of a forest. 

If you only saw the images, you'd probably think the lagoon was situated somewhere much more tropical than Ontario, especially with how crystal-blue the swimming hole's water can get in the summer months.

The spot is an hour outside of Sudbury and isn't the easiest to access, which is how it has managed to stay mostly under the radar for so long. 

Reach it with a canoe since it's situated off the Chiniguchi River portage route, or follow Bushy Bay Road to these specific coordinates, park your car, and hike in about 10 minutes, keeping right on the trail. 

The trail leading to the swimming basin is quite rugged and can at times be hard to traverse due to weather, requiring a set of wheels like a mountain bike to properly get through. 

Once there, however, the tropic-like views, peaceful flow of the nearby falls and beautiful swimming conditions will make the journey worth it. 

To see the view of the lagoon from high up, the Wolf Lake Mountain Lookout is where to head. As the highest elevation point in the area at 1,654 feet (504 metres), prepare yourself for quite a payoff. 

If you plan on visiting, respect the natural environment by picking up after yourself and leaving no trace of your visit. 

You should leave every area as beautiful as you found it, but make sure to pay special attention while at Paradise Lagoon. It exists in the Wolf Lake forest reserve, an area that is continually at risk of mining activity. Help conserve its beauty by signing the petition

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