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You can visit stunning ice caves hidden beside a quiet lake in Ontario this winter

Winter is officially here but anyone that can put up with below-freezing temperatures is rewarded with some beautiful, wintery sights here in Ontario. 

Frozen waterfalls and ice caves are by far some of the best nature scenes to behold this time of the year and Lake Superior definitely takes the title when it comes to the best winter destination for this. 

Extraordinary frozen caverns can be in this year's itinerary even for those not willing to make the 10-hour drive up north though, with these ice caves within a more reasonable driving distance. 

Located about three and a half hours from Toronto along the isolated Sand Lake near the town of Kearney are beautiful works of art by mother nature herself. 

The natural ice formations sit on the east end of the quiet lake that borders Algonquin Park on the AL 301 trail. About 18 kilometres out, it's best to hop on a snowmobile in order to make the long journey. 

Luckily, there are a few snowmobile rental options in the area including Back Country Tours. You can also arrange to get rentals delivered to the property of Sand Lake Cottages and Inn

The lesser-known caves have been beautiful the past few years, but there's no telling what the elements will create this year. Regardless, the lake and surrounding forest are sure to look their best covered in snow. 

If you plan on visiting Kearney ice caves, make sure to respect the area and pick up after yourself to leave the area as beautiful as you found it.

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You can visit stunning ice caves hidden beside a quiet lake in Ontario this winter

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