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Popular provincial park near Toronto is turning away visitors due to crowds

Those looking to spend more time outdoors in what is turning out to be a beautiful lead in to summer may need to have a backup plan ready.

Mono Cliffs Provincial Park in Orangeville has recently had to turn away a number of wannabe visitors after reaching maximum capacity.

As those still locked down in Toronto hope to find somewhere to breathe in fresh air, there's been too high a demand for many parks to accommodate.

This isn't the first time Mono Cliffs has reached capacity, with many other weekends suffering similar fates.

The park hopes to introduce a few measures that could help prevent others from getting turned away as they arrive.

"Starting June 7 visitors to Mono Cliffs Provincial Park and 16 of our most popular parks will be able to obtain their day permit 5 days ahead of their trip," a representative from Ontario Parks told blogTO.

"This new project aims to reduce the number of visitors turned away once the park hits capacity. This will also help Mono Cliffs manage visitor capacity at the park."

They're also recommending that people check the park's Twitter account for updates on capacity, especially on weekends with beautiful weather.

The Mono Cliffs Park blog also hands out some helpful advice on best times to visit, and how to best enjoy your stay for people who are able to spend time in the gorgeous park.

While the GTA might be well known for being impossible to find a home, apparently it's also just as difficult to find a park to visit.

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