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Finnish-inspired Nordic spa is opening near Toronto later this year

After a year spent working from home with salons, barbers and all sorts of other self-care amenities closed, there's little doubt that a few of us could use a spa day.

Luckily, one is making its way to the GTA, and it seems like an absolute must-visit for those looking to spoil themselves.

The Vetta Nordic Spa is set to open in Fall 2021 just an hour north of Toronto within Horseshoe Valley. It's being described as a massive one-of-a-kind Finnish-inspired Nordic spa built to service up to 350 people at one time.

vetta nordic spaThe spa itself will contain multi-temperature outdoor pools, one of the largest commercial saunas in North America, steam rooms, massage rooms, salt rubs, a hot stone room, multiple relaxation areas and outdoor wood-burning fire pits.

If that isn't enough, the spa also will have a full restaurant and a bistro. The bistro will resemble a Finnish-inspired grab-n-go coffee bar, while the restaurant will come with two outdoor patios overlooking the spa and nearby forest.

The people behind Vetta Nordic Spa say that's it's been built to encourage socialization, in the traditional style of Finnish spas. There will be amenities like dual massage rooms that allow for ongoing conversation.

vetta nordic spa"Coming from a Finnish family, it stood out to me that people in Canada, and especially Ontario, are missing out on the sauna experience and the opportunity to unplug for a while," said Eric Harkonen, President and Founder of Vetta Nordic Spa.

"Vetta is a place you can visit that quiets the mind, and rejuvenates your spirit. It’s a place to come together, create memories and spend precious time with friends and family."

With the spa currently aiming for a September opening, there's a good chance that many of us will have already had our second dose by then, and will be able to once again enjoy treating ourselves to a weekend away.

After a stressful year, a bit of relaxation seems more than welcome.

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