Lennox and addington

Stargaze in a glowing socially distanced circle at this Dark-Sky Viewing Area in Ontario

Lennox & Addington Dark Sky Viewing Area is just two and a half hours away from the heaps of light pollution we’re accustomed to in the city and offers up some of the darkest skies for your next astronomical adventure. 

The viewing area is one of only six Dark-Sky Preserves in Ontario but also the most southerly spot for stargazing in the province. Lennox and addington

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Despite this, you’ll be able to find respite from light pollution that’s typically experienced much further north with lots of stars and views of the Milky Way. 

Astronomy expert, accomplished stargazing author, and long-time editor of Sky News Magazine Terence Dickinson developed the site after discovering the area’s unimpeded views of the night sky around 2010.Lennox and addington

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Today, the spot includes a large concrete pad where both professional stargazers and first-time amateurs can set up cameras or telescopes, as well as a surrounding grass area with benches. 

Physical distancing circles have also been installed on the viewing platform and the grass area to help everyone stay safe during their sky-watching experience. lennox addington dark sky viewing area

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The spaced-out circles are each large enough for two lawn chairs (be sure to bring your own) as long as visitors within the circle are from the same household. The circles on the concrete even have a reflective coating for extra visibility during overnight hours.

Casual stargazers without telescopes or cameras are asked to use the circles on the grassy areas to allow for more room for tripods on the concrete platform. Lennox and addington

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For help determining upcoming optimal stargazing conditions, you can check out this sky forecast that was created by a group of astronomers. 

The viewing area is located off County Road 41 and is open year-round from dusk until dawn every day. No registration or admission fee required. Just keep in mind that the restroom facilities will currently be closed. 

Make sure to respect the rules of the area during your visit. Adhere to social distancing measures by only visiting with members of your household and pick up your trash to leave the area just as beautiful as you found it.

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