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This Week in Theatre: High Life, Potted Potter, The Golden Dragon, Pvt. Wars, Rhubarb Festival

This week in theatre rounds up the most noteworthy live theatre playing right now in Toronto. It includes just-opened shows as well as productions that are about to close.

High Life / Soulpepper - Young Centre / 7:30pm / $22-$68
Lee MacDougall's High Life is yet another successful Canadian work (internationally successful to be specific) revived to appear alongside Soulpepper's more conventional fare. In the play, four morphine addicts try to rob a bank machine — the fun is watching things spiral completely out of control. This time around, Stuart Hughes directs some of Soulpepper's best, Michael Hanrahan, Oliver Dennis, Diego Matamoros and Mike Ross.

Potted Potter / Mirvish - Panasonic Theatre / Various / $30-$70
For the muggles among us who know all the right ingredients to concoct an effective Polyjuice potion comes Potted Potter, a stage show which condenses all seven books of J.K. Rowling's wizard epic into 70 minutes. Written and performed by Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner, two former Children's BBC hosts, the play traces Harry's journey with multiple costume changes, songs, and even a game of Quidditch.

The Golden Dragon / Tarragon Theatre / 8:00pm/2:30pm / $21-$24
The Golden Dragon is a more overt exercise in the magic realism that colours Roland Schimmelphennig's work. Ross Manson directs this energetic piece with an expert hand and negotiates the playwright's unconventional structure, where actors continually transition to characters beyond their gender and ethnicity. The play delights with its wild abandon for the laws of the universe. Check out my full review.

Pvt. Wars / Studio 561 / 8:00pm / $20
In Pvt. Wars, three Vietnam War veterans at an army hospital explore their physical and emotional wounds. The play follows in the traditional of examining the effects of war not on the battlefield, but in the everyday realities of the men who return home. James McLure's drama features Benjamin Blais, Joe Dinicol, and David Reale, with direction from Amos Crawley.

Rhubarb Festival / Buddies in Bad Times / Various / PWYC - $20
Buddies' annual festival of dynamic, politically-charged performance, the Rhubarb Festival, is set to takeover 12 Alexander for its second week of programming. Festival Director Laura Nanni has brought together over 100 artists for the festival's 33rd year of new work. The series programme will make your head spin with its sheer volume of emerging and queer artists. Visit our festival preview to learn more.

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