Randy and Mr Lahey Get Crunk at York

Last Wednesday night, the isolated and frozen students at York University caught a glimpse of a wonderful utopia where the sun always seems to shine - Sunnyvale Trailer Park.

Randy and Mr. Lahey, the country's best known trailer park supervisors showed up to a night of Tony Lee's "XXX Hypnotism" to hang out, get drunk and smoke weed with the crowd.

Lee's hypnotism is a popular regular fixture on the Underground's event calendar as well as many other places, and his show is infamous for going beyond the silliness of comedy hypnotism to get provocative and even downright dirty. His show was in full effect, with entranced students moaning, faux-masturbating and attempting sex with their chairs, but the big ticket this night was the sweet booze breath blowing in from the east coast.

Randy and Mr. Lahey entertained the crowd for over an hour with off-the-cuff jokes, painfully bad French, bong hits and drunken songs. They offered up a number of homemade items for sale, such as a drinking funnel (demonstrated by Mr. Lahey after a quick run behind the bar, snatching a bottle of Jack Daniels) as well as a pair of panties with a plastic funnel embedded for women wishing to write their names in the snow.

They said at one point that they are two of the luckiest Canadians in the country to be able to do what they do, and it was the one moment they may have seemed to slip out of character. It's pretty amazing for them to be famous and well paid for their pseudo-drunken buffoonery, and I think I'm among a vast group of canucks who are envious of them for it.

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