Toronto Fringe 2007 - Duel of Ages; Gibberish

This picture was taken yesterday just outside the Fringe Club Theatre (duh!). One thing I've been noticing this Fringe is that a substantial proportion of patrons arrive at the shows by bicycle. I think that's really cool.

After the jump are reviews for Duel of Ages and Gibberish.

Duel of Ages - Factory Theatre Mainspace

This kinetic, beautifully choreographed show by True Edge Production is one truly dazzling spectacle. The plot intertwines drama and comedy as the audience is taken on a journey exploring the history of personal combat to defend one's honour: from swordfights to pistol duels to awe-inspiring martial arts moves. 60 minutes slip by unnoticed as you watch the breath-taking action, liberally sprinkled with humour, unfold on stage. The modestly-sized Factory Theatre mainspace was packed nearly full when I went to see the show, so order your tickets early - I wouldn't be surprised to see sold-out performances of this splendid production. The only thing that interfered with my enjoyment of the show were the random hysterical fits of laughter by a few over-enthusiastic (drunk?) groups in the audience. Perhaps 11 p.m. on a Saturday night is not the best time to go to an independent theatrical production if you are not planning to load up on booze first...
~Tatiana Kachira

Gibberish - Fringe Club Theatre (Tranzac Club)

So, um, yeah, I saw this show yesterday... and I think it was about Canadian anthem, sympathy cards and galvanized buckets. Or was it about self-help books and how to inspire people to go after their dreams by stuffing large balloons under your jacket? Anyhow, whatever it was about, it sure had this reviewer in stitches. Chris Gibbs' utterly and delightfully plotless stand-up comedy is among the best stuff you'll experience at this Fringe festival. There isn't much more to say about this one-man show except to urge you to go see it. Go! See it! It rocks!
~Tatiana Kachira

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