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Life as a mirror image on the stage. A chance to do things the way you've always wanted to. Taking that chance to be your own person. These are some of the key messages that are covered in SHIFT, a rousing example of the bold style of underground theatre that has always and still runs in the city.

Theatre creator Stuart Knight explains his process and history as "...writing live shows over ten years ago, after reading a self help book. After reading stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things with their lives, I was inspired to share this message with a mass audience. I didn't want to offer this message as a speech, but rather through the multiple art forms of theatre."

The show is based on a true story of a man trying to discover the meaning of life by following his instincts rather than popular conventions. Its purpose is to create a satirical and ironic mirror of human existence for those that believe that life is at its best 'outside the box'.

"My intention is to wake people up. Particularly those who are ready for it. We say that the show is a fun kick in the face and that's exactly it. It's a show that stops you in your tracks and forces you to question everything you hold to be true...if you don't walk away from this show feeling something, then you didn't see the show. "

SHIFT runs until tonight at the Theatre Centre. Created by Stuart Knight.

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