Thursday Theatre Review: HOUSE

The season at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre this year has paid tribute to MacIvor and Daniel Brook's da da kamera collaborations in their farewell season. HOUSE is the last of a series of three one-man shows from da da in this year's season at Buddies.

HOUSE is a hard show to pin down, it's certainly funny, but that doesn't mean it's light and easy, at times it can make you squirm. It's a one-man show that is basically a peek into someone's mind, or rather, a look at the world from his eyes. Victor makes the distinction between being weird and being fucked-up. You're born weird, you become fucked-up. Victor tells us that he's fucked-up. In a stream-of-consciousness rant he tells us about his father, The Saddest Man in the World, about his job, his boss, his sister, his mother, his wife and his 'group'. As I write that it's kind of hard to believe it's funny, but it really is, I promise, I certainly got some hearty belly laughs out of it.

I love seeing authors perform their own work. Sometimes it's a disaster, sometimes it's a success, but it's always interesting, because it's always interesting to see the choices an author makes. In this case it was most certainly a success.

My show partner this week was Cameron. When I asked him to position himself for the article he said he was an "artsy theatre homo who's an information professional that knows everything". The translation? I met Cameron when I was doing my theatre degree lo these many years ago, and now he's a librarian.

When I asked Cameron what he thought of the show he exclaimed, without hesitation, "It was perfect!" He's not new to this show, so he was impressed by how seamlessly it has been updated, and also impressed with the bits of improvisation Brooks brought into the show. I asked him what his favourite part was and he said that was an impossible question to answer, that there wasn't even a favourite line because everything was so interwoven and key to the show.

This is an opportunity you won't get again, this has been billed as "MacIvor's last solo performance of HOUSE", so if you have time you might want to get yourself down to Buddies in Bad Times Theatre and check it out.

The Details:

HOUSE runs until Sunday April 1st (both matinee and evening performances on Sunday March 25 and April 1st)

Ticket prices range from $20 - $30 depending on the day you go. Sunday matinees are PWYC - get there early so you don't miss out.

Rush seating (no assigned seating)

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