Let's Be Reasonable, People

Before blogs and this whole crazy interweb machine came along there was this old fashioned thing called books. Books revolutionized the world when some guy called Gutenberg invented the printing press.

Tomorrow night at Harbourfront the whole printing press thing gets a shakedown by local theatre company Small Wooden Shoe. They're doing an ambitious and adventurous series of shows called Dedicated to the Revolutions, each one investigating a different revolution that has changed our world and the way we live in it. Previous installments have looked at the industrial revolution and the information revolution. Now they get bookish.

This next show, in the form of a debate, is called Reasonable People, Reasonably Disagreeing, and was concieved by Jacob Zimmer and created with Dustin Harvey, Ame Henderson, Evalyn Parry, Evan Webber and moderator Misha Glouberman of Trampoline Hall.

If you want to get in on the fun, Reasonable People, Reasonably Disagreeing plays Sunday March 11, one night only (after all it's a debate and they hope to have it settled by the end of the night). For more info check out the Small Wooden Shoe website.

Printing press image by Jacob Zimmer.

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