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Blue Jays fans outraged after merch pulled from rival team's store

The Seattle Mariners have managed to anger both their local fanbase and travelling west coast Toronto Blue Jays fans, all in the span of a day.

The Mariners had stocked their team store with Toronto Blue Jays merchandise in advance of the Jays' three-game series in Seattle starting Friday and the inevitable throngs of Canadian fans that will pour into T-Mobile Park to cheer on their team.

A photo of the Jays merch being given its own section in a Mariners team store sparked intense debate on social media, including a comedic weigh-in from Canadian 90s child actor-turned-teen-heartthrob Devon Sawa, who joked about our tendency to blend in with the American populace.

However, following public outcry from overly-sensitive Mariners fans and even a few players, the team has pulled all of the Jays merch from their team store, satiating foaming-at-the-mouth M's fans, but angering Birds' fans in their place.

Fans are criticizing the removal of Jays merch, as Seattle is the closest MLB market for visiting Jays fans in west coast cities like Vancouver.

A few have spoken out defending the practice of selling visiting team's merchandise.

One comment points out the revenue-sharing deal for MLB merchandise, where reams pool 48 per cent of revenue and the total is split evenly at 3.3 per cent for each team.

Regardless of the reasoning behind the merch-pulling, it's evidence of a growing rivalry between the Jays and Mariners, one that reached a new level of tension last October when the Jays dropped a Wild Card series at home to the M's.

The Blue Jays will play the first of a three-game series at T-Mobile Park in Seattle on Friday night, with the first pitch scheduled for 10:10 p.m.

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