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Fake marriage proposal at Toronto Raptors game has the internet abuzz

A fake marriage proposal staged for a YouTube video at a Raptors game is making rounds on social media after some players on the team watched all the drama unfold.

YouTuber Cheeseaholic, who is based in Brockton, Massachusetts, is known for making NBA 2K-related content, vlogs, and pranks. 

In a nine-minute video posted on Sunday, the YouTuber explains how he came up with the prank after scoring tickets to the Boston Celtics versus Toronto Raptors game on Friday. 

"I just came up with the best idea," Cheeseaholic explained. "What if we could prank the whole Celtics [team] and the whole Raptors [team] and the whole TD Garden to think that I'm going to propose to my girl, and I'm gonna have my girl say no." 

However, the YouTuber explained that to pull the prank off, he'd have to attract the attention of the massive crowds that would already be distracted by the tense basketball game. 

In order to release some tension before the big stunt, Cheeseaholic takes a few shots and eventually heads down to the 20,000-capacity arena. 

The YouTuber begins speaking to some of the Celtics fans seated next to him, and explains that he plans to propose to his girlfriend between the third and fourth quarters. 

"If she says no you only have one quarter left," one fan is heard saying. 

"If she says no, I'm leaving," another person chimes in. 

Before Cheeseaholic's girlfriend returns from the washroom, he invites fans in the section behind him to hype him up. 

Once his girlfriend returns, the YouTuber finally makes the big move and presents a white box with a shiny diamond ring. 

Dozens of fans begin to stand up and cheer for the couple, however, the crowd immediately grows quiet once Cheeseaholic's girlfriend declines the proposal. 

The stunt even received a look back from Raptors small forward Scottie Barnes and point guard Dalano Banton, who were seated right in front of the couple. 

While the proposal was staged, many users on social media hyped the YouTuber up for managing to grab the attention of a few Raptors players. 

"Even Scottie Barnes was [like] no nooo wayyy," one person commented under the video. 

Although his proposal didn't work out, several other couples have walked out engaged after a Raptors game, making the sporting event a popular venue for popping the big question. 

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