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Tessa Virtue gets engaged to Leafs star Morgan Rielly

Stop the presses: Canadian figure skating legend Tessa Virtue and Toronto Maple Leafs defenceman Morgan Rielly are officially engaged.

Virtue, a five-time Olympic medallist (including three gold medals), announced the news via a yet-to-be-released episode of Shantelle Bisson’s Without Losing Your Cool podcast.

Virtue and Rielly, who were introduced through mutual friends, have been mostly hiding their private life from the public for nearly three years now.

However, they’ve given hints here and there about their partnership: appearing on an Instagram live together from Rielly’s hometown of Vancouver with Arkells frontman Max Kerman in March 2020, and being spotted skating together prior to the Leafs' outdoor game last March.

As for the proposal itself? Well, it looks like it might’ve happened a few weeks ago before being made secretly public.

“So long 2022… you were a special one,” Virtue posted in an Instagram post on New Year’s Eve, with a picture of her and Rielly walking through the streets of New York together.

“Happy New Year my brilliant friend! You had quite the year,” Bisson added in a comment, maybe revealing a bit more than she let on.

The Leafs were most recently in New York to take on the Rangers on December 15, with Rielly still on the team’s injured reserve list.

It might just be a “diving too deep into the internet theory,” but it’s as likely as any other theory that Rielly pulled out the ring somewhere around the streets of Manhattan.

Virtue retired from competitive skating in 2019, while Rielly has a long-term contract with the Leafs that runs through 2030.

But it appears that he’s signed a second long-term deal as well.

Here’s to a happy, healthy marriage… and the end of any rumours about their relationship status!

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