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Everyone incorrectly thinks a Toronto Blue Jay is dating Margot Robbie

Social media relationship gossip tying an A-list Hollywood celebrity with a C-list Toronto Blue Jays player is the latest reminder that you shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet.

Twitter lit up on Friday when the Twitter account of the Gate 14 Podcast posted a report citing TMZ that "Toronto Blue Jays Ace Mitch White is dating A-List actress Margot Robbie."

Some appeared to take the claim at face value, but those willing to do even the slightest bit of digging quickly uncovered that no such TMZ report exists.

Making the claim of a relationship with Mitch White even less likely, Margot Robbie has been married since 2016.

And for anyone unfamiliar with the 2022 Blue Jays acquisition, the 28-year-old Mitch White has, in no way, attained "ace" status on the pitcher's mound.

White's record on the mound — a dismal 3 and 10 through the 2022 season — isn't even close to ace-level.

The tweet has unleashed chaos on sports Twitter, and dozens of copycat posts have since jokingly tied the 32-year-old Australian A-lister with seemingly random athletes.

Among them, former Blue Jays catcher Reese McGuire — now a member of the Boston Red Sox — was humorously linked to Robbie in a nonexistent romantic relationship.

Or how about the Philadelphia Flyers' totally unhinged, googly-eyed mascot, Gritty? There's a pair I'd ship.

Fabricated internet rumours come and go, but you can still only imagine Mitch White's confusion when he saw his name trending on Twitter this weekend, and the uncomfortable conversation that may have ensued with any potential significant other in his life.

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