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Toronto Maple Leafs fan harasses team manager's grandma on social media

Today in people who need to stop taking it personally when sports executives make decisions that they don't agree with, a die-hard Toronto Maple Leafs fan is being dragged all over Twitter after publicly sending a diss video to the grandmother of general manager Kyle Dubas.

Dubas, a 36-year-old Sault Ste. Marie native, joined Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) in 2014, eventually working his way up to be named GM for the Leafs in 2018.

Fans of the team are passionate, to say the least, and Dubas has clearly taken his fair share of heat from behind the keyboard since assuming the managerial mantle. 

For whatever reason, Dubas hasn't been able to help Toronto's NHL team get close to the Stanley Cup — though, to be fair, neither has any other general manager since 1967.

Some frustrated fans are calling for the GM and other team executives to be fired, which is a common behaviour among angry sports spectators.

What isn't common is tracking down an NHL manager's grandma on Twitter and replying with a two-minute-and-twenty-second-long video airing his frustrations.

"Good evening, Marietta. I thought I would start this video response to a recent tweet of yours, at 10:13 on Halloween night, 2022, North American Eastern time," says Twitter user David I.W. at the top of the clip in question.

"In response to your tweet about wanting The Leafs to win: I absolutely agree. I want The Leafs to win. The problem is your grandson Kyle has been incompetent as a general manager."


"The biggest mistake, the biggest, I'd say blunder he made is agreeing to a per season cap hit of over 10 million U.S. dollars allocated to each of John Tavares, Austin Matthews and Mitch Marner," continues David in his video, responding to a tweet posted by Marrietta Dubas that reads simply "C,mon Leafs, let's get it in gear. Go Leafs Go."

Things get kind of technical from there with the adamant Leafs fan explaining how he would improve the team's management, saying things to Mrs. Dubas (aka @grammadubielike "your grandson should understand that" and "your grandson [should have been] gone."

"And for those who like to claim that, 'oh, the players were responsible,' who hired those players?" he asks at one point. "Your grandson."

He concludes the video by saying that the sooner Dubas and Leafs President Brendan Shanahan are gone, the better, closing with a clipped "Go Leafs Go."

While he didn't get overly personal or nasty, the video left a bad taste in the mouths of many other fans.

"For the love of god please touch even one blade of grass. This is one of the most deranged things I've ever seen," responded one Twitter user to the video, which had been viewed nearly 60,000 times as of Wednesday afternoon.

"Be real with me bro, tell me the exact moment you thought this was the move. You actually hit send thinking this was gonna go over well?" replied another with a gif of Michael Jordan saying "you need help."

Mrs. Dubas has yet to reply publicly to her hater or the many supporters now coming out of the woodwork to defend her, but David is doubling down on his decision to pop off at "Gramma Dubie."

"What's wrong with mentioning the incompetence of the latest GM or President of the Maple Leafs? It’s not like the #maplelaughs have won a playoff series during what has turned out to be a #wastedrebuild. #FireDubas #FireShanahan," wrote the Twitter user in response to critics of his tactic on Tuesday.

"You’re right, David, there is absolutely nothing wrong or super weird about making a two-minute video to *lecture a grandmother* about her grandson's performance," replied another Leafs fan.

"Keep being a totally normal member of the community."

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Marietta Dubas/David I.W.

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