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Adorable boy brought to tears as parents surprise him with Toronto Raptors tickets

Today in the categories of "I'm not crying, you're crying" and "maybe I do want kids after all," we have the cutest Toronto Raptors fan in existence reacting on camera to a sweet surprise from his parents in the most heartwarming of ways.

The young man in question, who shall for the purposes of this story will be known as "Raptors Kid," was stoked to be taking his first-ever GO Train ride from Toronto with his parents this past weekend.

To mark the occasion, his mom, Krissy, pulled out her phone to take a picture of the boy in front of Toronto's Scotiabank Arena, where our city's beloved NBA team was set to take on Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks in just a few hours.

Now, judging by the rest of Krissy's feed, her son is a big, big fan of the Toronto Raptors (as well as the iconic 2008 comedy Step Brothers, among other things.) He had yet to attend his first game, however, until his parents surprised him with tickets on Saturday.

Needless to say, the kid was stoked beyond measure when his mom revealed — while shooting the alleged "first GO Train ride" picture — that he would be seeing the Raps vs. the Mavs that very afternoon.

"He thought today was about his first ride on the GO Train… little did he know where he was about to go!" wrote Krissy in the caption of a video posted to TikTok Sunday that has since gone viral for reasons that are quite obvious upon viewing it in full.

"Okay say cheese," says the boy's mom as he poses for a picture in front of Scotiabank Arena in downtown Toronto. "Say cheese..."

Raptors Kid smiles up a storm while repeatedly saying cheese as his mother asks him to, until the woman behind the camera says, "say 'I'm going to the Raptors game tonight.'"

Stunned and unsure if he'd heard correctly, the boy's face goes blank. "What?" he says. His mom giggles, prompting the kid to walk closer and ask, "what?" a few more times, tears welling up in his eyes.

"We're going to the Raptors game tonight!" shouts his dad off-camera. "Actually?" says the boy, to which his father replies, "Actually!"

Good luck getting through the rest of this clip without tissues once the little Raps fan lays his head in his hands and bends over, sobbing with joy and asking "actually? actually?"

Your heart will melt even further when the young man's dad shows him the tickets on his phone and embraces the little guy, reassuring him that "it's okay!" as the kid is overwhelmed with emotion.

The touching moment has since been viewed more than 630,000 times on TikTok, where commenters — including the official accounts of the Toronto Raptors and Scotiabank Arena – are showering the family with praise.

"That seems like one very grateful and deserving boy. Well done, mama!" wrote one, to which Krissy replied: "Thank you !!! He is so pure hearted."

"Once again, TikTok has me crying on the toilet," joked another. "What a beautiful soul! Good job mom and dad."

A recap video later posted by Krissy to TikTok shows what looks like a joyous day of family fun, complete with stops for photo-ops, to pick up cool Raptors gear, and, of course, for some pizza in the stands.

The kid's many brand-new fans are now calling upon Scotiabank Arena and the Raptors to hook up the family with some swag or more game tickets, and it stands to reason that the generous sporting giant will likely do just that.

"We love this! Thanks for rocking with us last night fam," reads a public message from the Toronto Raptors franchise on Krissy's original video. "Look out for a message from us."

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