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Toronto Raptor O.G. Anunoby talks romantic summer and the Internet cannot get enough

Summer is time for lots of things like swimming, camping and mosquitos.

But for Toronto Raptors star O.G. Anunoby, his summer bliss months are drawing quite a reaction.

Speaking with reporters on Monday, Sept. 26 for the Raptors Media Day, the British athlete was asked how his summer went and the answer is very sweet and charming.

"Yeah I had a good summer, but the most enjoyable thing, I don't know, I guess reading a book," he said before continuing "I'll say going for a walk, gone on nice walks, yeah with good views, watch the sunset, stuff like that."

When asked what book he read, Anunoby laughs and says he doesn't know.

Now doesn't that sound relaxing, blissful and a bit romantic? I'd say so.

And of course, minutes after the video of his response were posted on social media, the internet and more specifically, Toronto, could not get enough.

Who doesn't love a nice walk, followed by reading a book while the sun sets behind you? 

Some are comparing the 25-year-old's story to the many funny and quotable statements from one-time Raptors star Kawhi Leonard.

Also, he officially changed his name to O. (dot) G. (dot), after years of journalists, sports fan and Toronto residents speling it wrong. No worries though, Anunoby has no hard feelings.

The Raptors pre-season starts on Sunday, Oct. 2 with a game against the Utah Jazz in Edmonton while their first home game will be played on Oct. 9 against the Chicago Bulls.

Here's hoping Anunoby is well-rested for the upcoming season.

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