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Toronto is getting Canada's first shop and park for fingerboarding

Remember fingerboarding, those funny mini skateboards you'd play with pretending your fingers were legs?

Well, the hobby didn't magically disappear when you graduated elementary school, and people have actually been mastering the art of skating with mini boards.

Now, Toronto is getting Canada's very first fingerboard shop and park.

It's the brainchild of Vito Mercorillo, the founder of 6Skates who makes his own custom fingerboards. With thousands of followers on social media, he's even made a board for a viral skating bird.

You can already buy teeny-tiny little trucks, wheels, boards, obstacles and ramps from his online shop, but now he's bringing his obsession into the real world with a physical store.

When he announced recently that he'd be opening a store, tons of people responded with comments on social media, saying things like "This is awesome," "Too hyped to come check it out," "Can't wait to pop in," "That's dope," "Sick af" and "This is big, like really big."

Although you will be able to buy the same kinds of items available on the 6Skates online shop at the real store, getting people to pay for things isn't even Mercorillo's main goal.

"My goal has always been to grow the community and expose more people to fingerboarding so it will be free to come in and play on the parks with no obligation to buy anything," Mercorillo tells blogTO.

He's currently working on the shop layout and fingerboard parks and is hoping to open the shop July 1 at 222 Spadina Ave., and is posting updates to social media if you want to follow along with his progress.

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Toronto is getting Canada's first shop and park for fingerboarding

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