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NBA star Russell Westbrook trolled by Toronto fan in the most Canadian way

The struggling (and aging like that holy grail scene in Indiana Jones) Los Angeles Lakers are in town to square off against a surprisingly successful Raptors squad, and one of the Lakers' stars ended up on the receiving end of an unusually polite and distinctly Canadian tongue lashing.

Nine-time NBA All-Star Russell Westbrook, known as much for his temper tantrums and diva antics as his years of on-court dominance, was recorded outside of the Scotiabank Arena on Thursday night in a near-altercation with a fan.

The video begins mid-confrontation, with a fan getting up in Westbrook's face as a bodyguard (or possibly just a very involved bystander) gets between the pair.

"I ain't no little kid," says the grown-ass 33-year-old NBA icon who we're all completely aware is an adult.

The fan acknowledges Westbrook's fully-matured status in the world, while continuing to taunt him, saying "Russell, I f*** with you, I just want you to play better. I bet on you every night. I bet on you. You're good."

The fan begins walking away, saying, "take it easy Russell," but once safely out of swinging range, he makes sure to throw in the most blandly inoffensive Canadian diss imaginable.

"Yo Russell, you're a goof. You're a goof bud," the fan laughs, repeating the line a few times for good measure.

The unidentified fan is getting absolutely slammed on Twitter, with one saying the video has a "classic Toronto man ending" and another claiming that the move was a "Real Waste Man Ting," among other similar responses.

A few are pointing out the obvious fact that the fan was careful to get a safe distance away before firing his not-so-devastating verbal salvo at the 6'3, 200-lb professional athlete.

A few have suggested that the fan was likely just trying to get a reaction out of Westbrook, something that's apparently not so difficult to do based on other viral videos of the star from as recently as this week.

It's a pretty tame insult compared to what Westbrook must be accustomed to by now, often dealing with the much more personal insult of being referred to as Russell "Westbrick," a running joke aimed at the player's frequent missed (or "bricked") shots.

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