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Tickets to FIFA World Cup qualifiers in Toronto sold out in presale and people are upset

For the first time in years, it looks like Canada is on the road to qualifying for the FIFA World Cup. With all the excitement for Team Canada, fans have been eager to get the chance to buy tickets to their qualifying games.

Due to this rare event, tickets to the qualifying game against Jamaica have sold out during the presale on Mar.10, not giving other fans the chance to buy tickets during the general sale on Mar. 11.

The news of the game being sold out has made soccer fans quite upset.

Most fans are in denial.

One fan complained, saying that presales shouldn't exist if they know the game is going to sell out.

For those who shelled out the $50 to become a CanadaRED+WHITE member, they were lucky enough to receive a presale code, but those who waited for the general sale were all out of luck.

TFC season ticket holders, Voyageur members and those who signed up for the Canada Soccer newsletter were also given a presale code, but priority went to those who are CanadaRED+WHITE members.

One fan wrote that they paid for the membership but didn't get a code.

Others have complained about the price of the tickets.

Some have complained about cheaper seats being about $100.

Although the tickets are sold out, those who want to go to the game have eagerly posted asking if anyone is selling extra tickets.

For those lucky enough to score some tickets, they've been vocal about how excited they are to catch the game.

If you didn't get tickets, make sure to catch the qualifying game on television on Mar. 27, it'll be one for the books.

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