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Bunny yoga class forced to cancel after complaints from animal activists

As Easter draws closer, bunnies get more popular as a choice of pet, but not all of these bunnies get to stay in a forever home.

It's become a growing concern that bunnies are gifted as pets for Easter then ultimately abandoned after some months, leaving the furry animals displaced at shelters.

Although the event had good intentions, a bunny yoga experience was forced to cancel its event after complaints from animal activists.

Doggos and Kardia were set to host an Easter-themed yoga class in April, with 10 bunnies hopping around the class. The event advertised that all the animals in the class were looking for their forever home and this raised concerns to local animal activists such as Rabbit Rescue Inc., Pumpkin Acres Rabbit Rescue, and Tiny Paws Rabbit Rescue.

These charities are dedicated to saving rabbits from abandonment, neglect, illness, injury, and inhumane conditions so when they heard of the upcoming event, they did all they could to help the animals.

One of the managers of Rabbit Rescue Inc. posted to social media saying they were thankful people flooded Doggos' comments to help them become aware of the ongoing situation.

They even thanked Doggos for listening to everyone and for putting the bunnies' wellbeing first.

The event was meant to have several classes where participants could do yoga with the animals, with one class allowing young children.

Although the event advertised that these rabbits were looking for their forever home, animal activists looked into where the animals came from and they were found to be purchased by a local breeder. When confronted about the situation, the breeder blocked many accounts instead of addressing the issue.

Doggos and Kardia were quick to cancel the event after learning about the situation, apologizing on Doggos Instagram story.

"If you've followed Doggos for some time, or attended our dog-centric events, you'd know how deeply we love and care for animals, In order to reflect these goals we have decided to cancel our Bunny Hop Yoga class," the statement reads.

After speaking to a local activist, the company gained a better understanding of the issues surrounding bunnies in Ontario and has made the decision to cancel the class.

Doggos has asked Rabbit Rescue Inc. to take over its Instagram story in order to help educate others about the ongoing crisis.

Hopefully, people will learn from this and really think hard before getting a pet rabbit or any animal. 

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Toronto Animal Services

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