Someone just created a card game where you can test your Toronto IQ against friends

Think you know everything about Toronto? Well, there is a game that will test your knowledge of the city in a fun way.

The new trivia card game called 4inthe6 came out of lockdown boredom and a fruitless search for a Toronto-centred game.

Game creator Sewit Tamene says she was bored this spring during Ontario's lockdown. Tamene loves board games and has dozens, such as Scrabble and Taboo, at home.

"During lockdown, of course, games became an essential household item," Tamene tells blogTO.

But when she looked for a game about Toronto, she couldn't find anything.

"I really wanted to play a game that tested my knowledge about Toronto as I consider myself to be cultured and attuned to what's going on in the city," Tamene says. "So I was really disheartened to find out that not a single game existed."

Tamene is a first-generation Canadian, her parents immigrated from Eritrea. She grew up in Toronto and loves the city. She is also a youth educator working with at-risk students in the Lawrence Heights area.

So she combined her love for Toronto with her education background to create her own trivia card game. She researched topics in history, culture, art, architecture, show business, notable news, politics and nightlife and created 224 cards with questions.

"This large festival is held annually at the Garrison Commons…and celebrates all things vegan! What is this festival called?" reads one card in the game.

Her boyfriend, Jakub Orzechowski, helped with the design of the game, and they then sent it to a printing company.

The game is geared for people aged 16 or older.


There is even a question about blogTO in the game.

The rules are easy to follow. It starts with the youngest player selecting a card and reading the question to the player on their left, that player gives their answer and if they are right they get to keep the card. If they are wrong, the card goes back in the pile.

The winner is the first player to get four cards (or four right answers)— hence the name 4inthe6.

"So basically four cards to win at four in the six."

Creating and researching questions for the game not only helped Tamene beat lockdown boredom, but she also learned a lot about the city.

"There was so much more going on in the city that I had no idea about."

The game launched on Oct. 1 for $25 and is available to order through @4inthe6.

Tamene hopes people will learn something about the city but mostly just have fun playing the game.

"Toronto is such a great city and I really think this game will do it does an excellent job of highlighting that."

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